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‘Super Senso’ 1.8 Update Adds More Challenges, Med-Bot and Saboteur Units, and More

‘Super Senso’ 1.8 Update Adds More Challenges, Med-Bot and Saboteur Units, and More

If you’ve been enjoying the Advance Wars-like Super Senso [Free], you’ll be glad to know that Update 1.8, which has just gone live, adds more content to the game. The new update adds more Challenges to the game, since they appear to be fan-favorites. Challenges are one-turn puzzles and can be quite the brain teasers. There are also 3 new advanced tutorials that should help new players get the hang of the game faster. More interestingly, we are getting two new units: Med-Bot and Saboteur. Med-Bots have weak attacks but heal adjacent allied units at the start of both yours and the opponent’s turn. Saboteurs are fast infantry units with the ability to evade the first instance of damage each turn.

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The update is also adding a new map called Twin Temples I, reworking Warp, improving the UI, and also throwing in plenty of bug fixes and optimizations that you can check out here. Let me know what you think about the new update and new units in the comments below.

GungHo Release New ‘Super Senso’ North American Launch Trailer, Showcasing the Characters at Your Disposal

GungHo Release New ‘Super Senso’ North American Launch Trailer, Showcasing the Characters at Your Disposal

Super Senso [Free] has undoubtedly been one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of 2017, and for good reason. While the game has been in soft launch since late 2015, and we have caught numerous glimpses of the title at events such as PAX in the subsequent fifteen months or so, Super Senso only released on the North American App Store last Thursday, with a worldwide release still in the pipeline. Initial impressions on our forum thread have been generally positive, with the futuristic fast-paced real time strategy action going down well with the iOS community at large, and such fervent pre-release hype being met by those eagerly anticipating an Advanced Wars-esque alternative on the App Store. To celebrate its long-awaited North American launch, publishers GungHo have released a brand new trailer for Super Senso, which showcases the numerous different characters that can be encountered in the game, as well as a taste of the title’s eccentric humor.

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While I cannot condone every comedic device used – does anyone actually still use #YOLO in 2017? – the new launch trailer for Super Senso certainly emphasises its ridiculous production values, and goes some way to position it as a turn based strategy alternative to App Store titans such as Hearthstone [Free] and Clash Royale [Free]. Amidst a dystopian setting of mercenary-for-hire company Senso Arms Incorporated, fictional CEO Max Chowderman introduces numerous classes of characters within Super Senso. Particular highlights include The Mastermind, who can swap positions with other units on the battlefield, as well as the basic yet purr-fect Cat-At-Arms, who is simply a ‘cat who has been trained to murder people’. This new Super Senso trailer not only helps to demonstrate both the significant character variation between the units, but also how their capabilities lead to numerous different strategies on the turn based battlefield. Watch the trailer above for additional details, download the game if you’re in lucky enough to be in one of the initial launch regions, and check out our forum thread for more discussion on Super Senso.

Out Now: ‘Super Senso’, ‘Die With Glory’, ‘Match Land’, ‘Ninja Pizza Girl’, ‘NASCAR Heat Mobile’, ‘Sudoku Sweeper’, ‘War of Crown’, ‘Pictionary’, ‘The Bunker’, ‘Baikoh’, ‘Suck It Up’ and More

Out Now: ‘Super Senso’, ‘Die With Glory’, ‘Match Land’, ‘Ninja Pizza Girl’, ‘NASCAR Heat Mobile’, ‘Sudoku Sweeper’, ‘War of Crown’, ‘Pictionary’, ‘The Bunker’, ‘Baikoh’, ‘Suck It Up’ and More

Hello and welcome to the most exciting time of the week, the time when new iOS games flood the App Store! Unless of course you have a huge backlog like me and instead these weekly floods feel like trying to keep your head afloat while wearing lead boots. Either way, it’s another busy week filled with quite a bit of interesting stuff, so check out the full list of games below and let us know which games you’ll be picking up this week! As an aside, you may have heard about Apple’s recent changes which are affecting our financial stability, so if you enjoy these weekly new game roundups and want to see them (and the rest of our site) continue, please consider supporting us on Patreon for even as little as $ 1 a month, every little bit helps!


Around the Block!

iTunes Description

Hop to the next block

Stretch to the other side

Play at your own pace

Forum Thread: Around the Block! (by Robin Knothe)


iTunes Description

Sup human? I’m BAIKOH, and I’m all about typing. Write words by tapping tiles that randomly fall from the top of your screen. Each tile has a letter so… you’re getting the idea, genius.

Type quickly and constantly to destroy tiles and keep them from reaching the top of your screen, or just use power-ups to make everything explode. That will work too.

Forum Thread: BAIKOH (By Mum Not Proud)


iTunes Description

Level up your Tree, unlock beautiful habitats and create your own world! Unlock achievements, boost your growth and create a perfect bird paradise with various alluring birds!

Do you like clicker games? What about tap games or idle games? Capture all different types of birds from all different climates. Experience all the bird sounds from owls, eagles, toucans, blue birds, cardinals and more! Share their habitats with your friends.

Forum Thread: Birdstopia – Idle Bird Clicker (by ArtLogicGames)

The Bunker

iTunes Description

The critically acclaimed console hit “The Bunker” comes to iOS, The groundbreaking live-action thriller adventure set in a real nuclear shelter, from the narrative and game designers behind The Witcher, Broken Sword and SOMA. Starring actors from “The Hobbit”, “Penny Dreadful” and “Game of Thrones”

Nominated for five video game awards and winner of the Horror Game of the Year 2016 at the SHD Awards. The short film version of The Bunker has been accepted for the Short Film Corner in the Cannes Film Festival 2017.

As the last remaining survivor in a nuclear bunker, John?s daily routine is the one thing that keeps him sane. But when an alarm goes off, his mind starts to self-destruct. Venture into long forgotten areas, recover repressed childhood memories and unlock the dark secrets of The Bunker.

The Bunker is a completely live-action experience, filmed on location in a decommissioned government nuclear bunker with a plot crafted by writers behind The Witcher and Broken Sword. Starring an incredible cast including Adam Brown (The Hobbit), Sarah Greene (Penny Dreadful) and Grahame Fox (Game of Thrones).

Forum Thread: The Bunker (by Channel 4)

Castle Battles: Strategy but FAST

iTunes Description

Castle Battles streamlines the mechanics of classic, top-down strategy to create a fast paced style of gameplay like no other. Expand your empire by building castles near bountiful resources, collect gold to amass outlandish armies, and swarm your enemies in 40 unique levels.

Explore the illustrated world of ?The Great Tapestry? through four story-rich campaigns: Fight to reclaim your lost homeland as Les Moustachiers. Laugh maniacally as The Clearly Evil Empire. Discover the astral mysteries of The Purperilous. And finally, set out on a hero?s journey as The Order of Awesome to stop the narrative from unravelling.

Forum Thread: Castle Battles : Strategy but FAST (by Light Arc Studio)

Citadel 1986

iTunes Description

The Citadel. Built in 1986 by a lunatic and left undiscovered, decomposing for 30 long years. You are its first victim!

This lite version of Citadel 1986 features the first three areas. If you enjoy the game, please consider purchasing the full version which features all 37 areas contained within one huge map. Thanks : )

Forum Thread: Citadel 1986 (by Clockwork Pixels)

Connect Dots or Die: Cyberpunk Hackers Evolution

iTunes Description

“Connect Dots or Die” is an innovative connect the dots game with cyberpunk themes and turn-based battle elements! This game is great for improving hand-eye coordination.

The enemy evolves into a more powerful being each time you defeat it. Can you finish the game and witness the enemy’s final form?

Follow nefarious hacker Ms. Gardner as she fights constantly evolving reptilians and Illuminati drones through neon-soaked romantic back alleys of a city that would soon be destroyed in the events of “Monument Rush 2” and “Avenge Fall”.

Forum Thread: Connect Dots or Die: Cyberpunk Hackers Evolution (by Appsir, Inc.)

Cosmo Race

iTunes Description

Run in any direction you like! It?s a race between 6 cosmonauts! Run towards the ultimate victory every week.

– Race among 6 cosmonauts
– Play against online players worldwide
– Take any route towards the checkpoints
– Use special items for upset wins
– Participate in weekly seasonal rankings

Forum Thread: Cosmo Race (By NANOO COMPANY)

Die With Glory

iTunes Description

Die with Glory is an epic adventure game where your goal is to die in glorious fashion. You must help Sigurd, a brave old viking warrior, find his way to glory and the afterlife in Valhalla.

Reaching Valhalla is not easy at all. You must guide Sigurd through multiple levels of beautifully illustrated landscapes, epic adventures, complex challenges, big battles, and witty dialogue with characters to find the right foe that can give Sigurd that perfectly glorious and ultimate defeat.

Die with Glory is a premium game, and your purchase gives you access to the first full chapter of Sigurd?s stories – 6 levels of rich and engaging gameplay that varies greatly based on the choices and actions you make in the game.

Forum Thread: Die With Glory (By Cloud Castle)

Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game

iTunes Description

It’s time you wet your whistle and put a little Peter in your pocket! From the producers of the hit TV show, Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game features your favorite characters and moments from all 15 seasons of Family Guy.

Follow Peter, Lois, Stewie, Brian, Chris, Quagmire, Cleveland? and Meg on a debaucherous journey through Quahog. Put on your big kid pants because this isn?t your typical candy-coated match game. Time to crush on a whole new level. Filled with absurd hilarity and fun challenges, Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game is a must-have for fans of animated shows.

Forum Thread: Family Guy- Another Freakin’ Mobile Game (By Jam City)

Flip Grip

iTunes Description

Flip Grip is an addictive, fast-paced arcade runner with unique mechanics. Set in a colorful universe, you ride smoothly on vertical walls and tap the screen to switch sides as you jump over gaps and dodge tricky obstacles.

? Simple, satisfying tap controls
? Addictive gameplay with original wall riding mechanics that are easy to learn and hard to master
? Endless, procedurally generated survival mode for unlimited fun
? 200 meticulously handcrafted, unlockable challenge levels with different laws of physics and mind-bending hurdles
? Game Center leaderboards, achievements and iCloud saves

Forum Thread: Flip Grip (By Daniel Nora)

Galaxy Glider

iTunes Description

GLIDE, FLY & DODGE your way through a never-ending galaxy in outer space filled with hundreds of rockets, orbs and stars. Help Galaxy Lord collect as many points as possible and challenge yourself to see if you can become the greatest Galaxy Glider the universe has ever seen!

Forum Thread: Galaxy Glider (by App Happy Games)

Match Land

iTunes Description

Welcome to Match Land! Run a fantasy medieval market in this match 3 adventure! Form a team of heroes then battle and catch critters to serve as ingredients for your fantasy food shops! Yum!

? NEW action/turn-based match 3 gameplay!
? Make multiple matches per turn to build up massive combos!
? Unlock and upgrade over 25 fantasy food shops!
? Form the ultimate critter catching team from 20 unique heroes!
? Battle through over 300 levels and 25 formidable bosses!

Forum Thread: Match Land (By Race Cat)

The Maze

iTunes Description

“The Maze – try to find a way out” is a game which goal is to relax you and bring you pleasure. In each level you will have to find a way out of the maze. Here are 9 mazes (will be more with next updates)

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of mystery and tranquility.
Explore the mazes, find the exit, choose your favorite color, design, control the character and enjoy the game.

Forum Thread: The Maze – try to find a way out (By Deniel Barbakadze)

NASCAR Heat Mobile

iTunes Description


The only officially licensed, authentic NASCAR racing experience for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad! NASCAR Heat Mobile exclusively combines the adrenaline of 200MPH stock car racing with the ability to build your own NASCAR empire in the Fan Zone.

Put yourself in the driver?s seat and experience the fast-paced thrills of NASCAR as you race from coast to coast on all 23 iconic NASCAR sanctioned tracks. Customize the way you race with tilt or touch controls, fine-tune steering assists and sensitivity adjustments, and change camera angles to drive your way.

Forum Thread: NASCAR Heat Mobile (By 704 Games Company)

Ninja Pizza Girl

iTunes Description

In the not-so-distant future, rampart traffic congestion has resulted in only one way to deliver pizzas across town in thirty minutes or less – underpaid teenage ninjas!

Ninja Pizza Girl lets you parkour across rooftops as Gemma, a sixteen-year-old girl working as a pizza delivery ninja for her father?s independent Pizzeria. In a world where slums teeter on top of skyscrapers, where powerful mega-corporations exploit the poor and where quality pizza is hard to come by, Gemma must fight to keep her family and their business intact while facing the most merciless enemies known to any teenage girl ? other teenagers.

Forum Thread: Ninja Pizza Girl (by Disparity Games)

The Office Quest

iTunes Description

Not all heroes wear capes?. some prefer fluffy onesies.

The Office Quest is a point & click adventure for all you people who just cannot stay in the office any longer!

Solve challenging puzzles and riddles
Surprisingly handy objects + your beautiful sharp mind = a clear path towards freedom!
Look for the red light and use everything you?ve got to make your way out of the grey abyss called the office?

Forum Thread: The Office Quest (By Deemedya INC)

Phantasmal World

iTunes Description

Phantasmal World is a 2D action platformer.

Help Sir Bartram to explore the lava cavern collecting all the coins, killing all the monsters and finding the treasure in each level.
At the end of the level you can upgrade the knight statistics with the coins you collected.

Forum Thread: Phantasmal World (By Stefano Cicatiello)


iTunes Description

Quick Sketches, Hilarious Guesses!

The classic drawing game comes to life on your mobile phone. Two exciting game modes let you choose between drawing colorful masterpieces or playing a real-time, 2 vs 2 challenge where winner takes all! Sketch your way to the top to win great prizes!

The best-selling board game has been reborn as a digital and dynamic experience. Take turns painting and guessing thousands of words from various categories. Create impromptu works of art to challenge your friends. How would you draw ?cool as a cucumber?? How would you doodle ?dignity??

Forum Thread: Pictionary? (By Etermax)

Playmobil Ghostbusters

iTunes Description

Ghost alert at the Ghostbusters? Firehouse!
A blackout has caused a mechanical failure in the containment unit. All captured ghosts have been set free!
Grab your proton pack and catch as many as you can…

Forum Thread: PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters (by PLAYMOBIL®)

PolyRocket Asteroid Runner

iTunes Description

Many have tried, all have failed. We’re looking for the most skilled (and lucky) pilots to navigate the asteroid field. But beware, the dangers are many, so keep your lucky charms close and hope the asteroids are in your favour!

Forum Thread: PolyRocket Asteroid Runner (by Sasha Khan)


iTunes Description

That day, for no apparent reason, SCRAP decided to wake up and run. He had to, because his activation was a mistake the “Factory” could not afford.

SCRAP is a unique platformer in which you can’t stop moving. The remedy to that is jumping. Jump faster and learn new sequences to discover the way forward. But it’s not gonna be easy, since each level is harder than the previous one and SCRAP keeps getting faster. You’re lucky though, because there are clues and power-ups scattered around to help you. All of this is complemented by a polished graphic design and great soundtrack.

Forum Thread: SCRAP (by Woodland Games)

Spells of Genesis

iTunes Description

Spells of Genesis is a fantasy trading card game that takes the collection and strategic aspects of trading card games and adds the addictiveness of arcade gameplay through its unique battling mechanic.

Build the strongest decks by collecting, trading, and combining orbs, and put them to the test against challenging opponents while exploring the fantasy realm of Moonga.

Deckmaking, trading and destroying your enemy?s orbs requires skill and cunning, are you up to the task?

Forum Thread: Spells of Genesis (by By Channel 4 and Everdreamsoft)

Stack Stacks Revenge: The Tower of All Towers

iTunes Description

Stack Stacks Revenge: Smash Block Tower is the ultimate physics-based tower building game! Smash the AppSir Universe characters down to stack them on top of each other. Reach the top of the Stack Stacks Revenge world and you’ll reach the top of the Game Center Leaderboards!

Forum Thread: Stack Stacks Revenge: The Tower of All Towers (by Appsir, Inc.)

Suck It Up

iTunes Description

Buckle up, space pilot!! Suck It Up puts you in control of an Unidentified Sucking Object on a mission to collect all animals and plants for collection and research. Evade enemies and traps as you journey further and discover rare animals, plants and other joyful surprises. Each cute animal group provides a unique pattern that will challenge you. Become the very best by collecting and upgrading them all!

Forum Thread: Suck It Up (by Kiseki Games)

Sudoku Sweeper

iTunes Description

A minimalist mashup of Minesweeper and Sudoku. Logic puzzle perfection.

Every row, column and zone contains a bomb and one of each number. Tap the numbers, avoid the bombs.

Forum Thread: Sudoku Sweeper (By Edward Biden)

Super Crossbar Challenge

iTunes Description

Super Crossbar Challenge is a new arcade sports game that is originated from the popular challenge among footballers and fans alike. The idea is for you to hit the crossbar – Sounds easy? Players are to swipe right to shoot the ball. Keep in mind the angle and power that you are swiping because it will determine the direction and speed that the ball will go. Once you find the sweet spot, remember it!

You may also perform bicycle kicks and volleys to earn more coins and fans. In the arcade mode, some of the in game goals will require players to perform multiple bicycle and volley to hit the crossbar. Use the hard earned coins to unlock new characters and balls, in which, some of them have their own bonuses that will help you in the game.

Forum Thread: Super Crossbar Challenge (by FredBear Games Ltd)

Super Senso

iTunes Description

Ready, set, SENSO! Assemble a mash-up squad of armored tanks, cats and dinosaurs, tentacled aliens, giant mechs, creepy zombies, and more in SUPER SENSO, a blazing fast turn-based action-strategy game set to usher in a new era of mobile competition. When armies collide, will you be able to outsmart and obliterate your opponents?

Forum Thread: Super Senso (By Turbo Studios and GungHo)


iTunes Description

This is the deal: A dot is always hunting the other dots on the screen.
You need to tap the screen when they touch each other and you get points for that.
If you tap when the centers are matched, then WOW, you get DOUBLE points.

Simple right?
Now try to score as many points as you can.

Forum Thread: Taptastico (By Carlos Crespin)


iTunes Description

Topsoil is an original puzzle game where you grow plants and work your garden’s soil.

Your goal is to harvest as many plants as you can before your garden fills up! Manage your garden by placing plants of the same type next to each other, then harvesting them together. The more plants you harvest at once, the more points you earn, and the more soil you turn over. If your garden fills up before your next chance to harvest, that’s game over. Keep growing and you’ll discover new seeds, tall trees, and friendly birds along the way!

Forum Thread: Topsoil (by Nico Prins)

Under Leaves

iTunes Description

Journey into the forest, the jungle or the depths of the deep blue sea. Find chestnuts for the pigs, a caterpillar for the crocodile or a starfish one, two three.
A color-filled hidden object game from the world of animals. Gorgeous hand-drawn watercolor illustrations and a soothing soundscape make for a gently exotic experience.

Forum Thread: Under Leaves (By Circus Atos)

War of Crown

iTunes Description

Your Turn, Your Move, Your Destiny

The last Great War was a terrible struggle that reshaped the world. The God of Destruction unleashed powerful Dark forces bent on plunging the world into chaos. All hope seemed lost. In the end, it was through the strength of Men and the sacrifice of Arwyn the Hero-King that the Allied Races were able to drive out the Darkness.

Alas, the peace was short-lived as fighting broke out once more over the crown of the fallen Hero-King.
But little do they know that a Dark threat moves closer in the shadows…
The epic adventure of Eshirite, the Child of Destiny begins now!

Forum Thread: War of Crown (by GAMEVIL Inc.)

Wilful Kitty

iTunes Description

A clever little high score chasing puzzle game that has you combining ingredients and materials into treats as demands by the Wilful Kitty. Using a popular and intuitive control scheme, you move items cross the room and try to bring the cat to it’s treats.

Forum Thread: Wilful Kitty (by unexpect3rd)

Wizards’ League

iTunes Description

Do you have what it takes to become the most powerful wizard of all? Take the role of a wizard and battle against other players for glory and power in the Wizards’ League.

The Wizards’ League brings a unique experience to iPhones and iPads with its high-paced real-time online multiplayer shooter action. You fight against other players in 3-minute action-packed battles – perfectly fit for grabbing your phone when in need of a short getaway.

While having powerful items and spells is an essential part in defeating other players, they won’t do it alone. The high tempo of the game ensures that your skill in controlling your wizard plays just as important a role. Mastering the game only comes through practice and strategy.

Forum Thread: Wizards’ League (By Kasper Green Larsen)


iTunes Description

WordFlash is simple – start the game and you’ll be shown a list of words, followed by three options. Simply select the word that wasn’t in the list. Things soon start to get trickier as the lists get longer and the words change faster! How long a streak can you manage before your memory fills up?

Forum Thread: WordFlash! (By Stephen Coyle)


iTunes Description

Zhed is an instant classic puzzle game. Based on a simple mechanic it builds onto increasingly complex puzzles that challenge you to a level you would not imagine. No timers, no clocks, no stars and no tricks, just pure puzzles for you to enjoy. It’s the perfect brain-teaser that lets you train focus, concentration and memory.

How to Play ZHED?

Tap a square and select a direction (upwards, downwards, to the left and to the right). See how the square reacts when they intersect with each other, and build a path to fill the goal square. When you finished, the next level will show up! You can undo moves or restart levels as much as you want.

Forum Thread: ZHED (by Ground Control Studios)

Zombies Chasing My Cat

iTunes Description

Picture it; you wake up one morning to the zombie apocalypse. Not a single living soul around ? just herds of walking dead lurking & looking for BRAINS!
All of a sudden, your cat Oscar jumps out of the window & speeds off into the distance!
You must leave your shelter and get Oscar back while avoiding flocks of undead monsters.

Don?t be a scaredy-cat – forget your typical Farm, Tower Defense or
Strategy game. The objective is to run as fast as you can while dodging zombies, and other obstacles in your way. Use the arsenal of a real zombie hunter and get ready to pull the trigger! Make your way through deserted towns, abandoned farms, military bases, woods, graveyards, deserts, and coastlines. Sweep a prison, a disease control center, a UFO crash site, and more!

Forum Thread: Zombies Chasing My Cat (By Thumbspire)

We’re Streaming iOS Games Live on Mobcrush [Super Senso Launch Stream with Turbo!]

We’re Streaming iOS Games Live on Mobcrush [Super Senso Launch Stream with Turbo!]

iOS: http://apple.co/2qfJnlA
Android: http://bit.ly/2oKm3Ly

mobcrush-logo-r225xWe’re streaming live on Mobcrush right now. There’s a couple different ways you can watch the stream, and they all work equally well and it’s really just a matter of personal preference as to which method you prefer. The easiest way to watch is just watching the embedded player right here on TouchArcade. In the interest of being polite, we mute the audio. If you’re somewhere you can listen, be sure to turn it back up- the controls for that are in the lower right corner of the video stream. Alternatively, if you’re on a mobile device, download the free Mobcrush app for iOS [Free], also available on Google Play. From there, search for TouchArcade. If you follow us, you’ll get alerts when we’re streaming. Last, but not least, you can visit our channel directly in your browser at mobcrush.com/toucharcade. Oh, and if you want to participate in chat, you’ll need to register over on Mobcrush first.

If you missed the stream, we upload archive videos to our YouTube channel, so just head over there to see previous streams and our other random video content. Additionally, if you would like to stream on Mobcrush, it’s actually supremely easy and doesn’t require any kind of extra hardware and the software to do it is a quick (and free) download. Check out the Mobcrush FAQ for more information.


‘Super Senso’ Will Finally Launch Worldwide in Late April

‘Super Senso’ Will Finally Launch Worldwide in Late April

It’s been a long time coming for turn-based strategy game Super Senso. It’s been in soft launch for about 15 months now, picking up a publisher along the way in GungHo. It also was one of Apple’s ten best games of 2016 on iPad in New Zealand despite not being out worldwide yet. But the world will not have to wait much longer for their Super Senso. We can exclusively reveal that Super Senso‘s worldwide launch will happen on April 27th.

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This is a fast-paced turn-based strategy gamee, where you take on other opponents with rapid-fire move timers. Each team has a Senso, a giant robot that will really help when it comes to victory since it’s the big hoss of your team. Still, there are multiple paths to victory, and giant lasers. What I’ve played has been an interesting mix of fast-paced gameplay and the thoughtful nature of turn-based strategy, and I’m curious to see how the larger gaming world takes to it now that it will be finally available to everyone on the 27th.

PAX 2016: A Look at What’s New in ‘Super Senso’

PAX 2016: A Look at What’s New in ‘Super Senso’

We’ve been covering Turbo’s Super Senso for quite a while now. Since we last got a look at it, the game got picked up Gung Ho as a publisher and has seen a whole bunch of new tweaks, updates, and additions. Super Senso in its current form is still a great spin on Advance Wars for mobile, but changes in gameplay flow, pacing, and how you put together your armies now makes a lot more sense.

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Super Senso is still in development, and they hope to release the game soon. A ton has changed since the soft launched version that some of you might have played, and in my opinion, this game is worth getting excited for- Particularly if you’ve been looking to scratch your Advance Wars itch on mobile.

[Editor’s Note: We walked through the whole PAX show floor and shot a ton of video yesterday, if you’ve got a mobile game (or a game that’s going to be ported to mobile eventually) and we haven’t shot video of your stuff yet. Please reach out by DM’ing @hodapp on Twitter to tell us where you’re at. Connectivity is a nightmare at PAX, but, we’ll be there. Also, if you’re not at the show but curious where all the PAX coverage is, those same connectivity issues are making getting videos online really difficult.]

Check out the Latest ‘Super Senso’ Trailer

Check out the Latest ‘Super Senso’ Trailer

We previewed it earlier this year, but all of us at TouchArcade are pretty excited for Super Senso. If you haven’t heard of it before, the best way to describe it is a real slick mobile Advance Wars-like with big-ass robots. Recently, it was announced that the game is to be published by GungHo, which brings along all sorts of benefits like being part of the GungHo booth at PAX East… Which of course means you need a PAX East gameplay trailer:

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Super Senso is scheduled to be released sometime this year. It’s been soft launched in New Zealand for quite a while now, so if you’re curious to see what the game is like as they continue development, take a look at our guide and try it for yourself. (It seriously won’t take much more than a few minutes.) Anyway, we’re super stoked to see what comes of Super Senso, particularly now that GungHo is onboard.

‘Super Senso’ to be Published by ‘Puzzle and Dragons’ Publisher GungHo

‘Super Senso’ to be Published by ‘Puzzle and Dragons’ Publisher GungHo

Turbo’s Super Senso, a promising turn-based strategy game that we’ve previewed before, has picked up an interesting publisher in GungHo. The publisher of Puzzle and Dragons [Free] and the upcoming Galak-Z: Variant Mobile will help bring this hotly-anticipated game to market later this year. GungHo is certainly an interesting name in publishing right now ? they’re behind a mega-smash-hit game but have also gotten into publishing premium games on desktop, the Galak-Z mobile game is an interesting project, and now Super Senso.

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Turbo has been aiming to see if this can become a competitive phenomenon as a mobile game, and the surveys and updates to the beta and soft launch versions have shown that this is still a real work-in-progress as to what the final product is going to be. I’m interested to see if the final product winds up living up to its potential as a fun multiplayer strategy game. But regardless of what happens, it certainly won’t fail due to a lack of resources behind it.

‘Super Senso’ Is an ‘Advance Wars’-Like Turn-Based Strategy Game That Should Be on Your Radar

‘Super Senso’ Is an ‘Advance Wars’-Like Turn-Based Strategy Game That Should Be on Your Radar

Late last year we posted the trailer of the then just-announced Super Senso. The game has been soft launched for a while now, and following a few significant updates, Super Senso is another game you should be following our guide on how to download games from other regions so you can grab it. The easiest way to describe Super Senso is as a free to play mobile remix of Advance Wars, but there’s tons more to it than that, including but not limited to giant-ass robots.


The meat of the game is realtime turn-based multiplayer matches where players are building units and sending them out on to the battlefield to (hopefully) eventually destroy the enemy base. Like any good turn-based strategy game, these units all have different strengths and weaknesses, and doing well involves knowing which units to build to best deal with the situation at hand. The center piece of your army is your “Senso,” which is your extra-powerful robot unit which also has a bunch of different abilities depending on which one you select to bring with you in that particular battle.

Your army is super customizable, and which Senso you’re using can have a massive impact on how you build a strategy around a particular battle. For instance, one Senso has a tractor beam-like ability which can grab enemy units and bring them directly to your Senso. In this case, you’d want to position your units around your Senso so you can grab enemies, bring them in, then pulverize them with your nearby tanks. Rinse, repeat, and slowly inch your forces up to their main base.

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This may all sound pretty standard for a turn based strategy game, but it’s hard to fully emphasize the level of refinement the whole thing has seen. Session lengths are tuned to be well under five minutes through a clever implementation of abilities which can drastically change the tide of battle and effectively make it pretty difficult for a game to drag on. For instance, one of the most basic of these abilities calls down a laser to directly strike the enemy base. Even if you’re at a relative stalemate when it comes to skirmishes between your actual units, you’ll eventually have fired off your laser enough times that you’ll have done enough damage to the enemy base that it’ll be destroyed regardless. (Of course your opponent has their own load out of these abilities, so, that’s under the big assumption that you survive long enough to keep firing.)

The whole interface of the game has been stripped down in a way that seems really similar to what Crashlands [$ 4.99] did to the crafting/survival genre. Advance Wars was great on the DS because it was able to use the second screen exclusively for all sorts of stats, but most of the time did you need most of those numbers and other things constantly visible? That seems to be the mindset behind the Super Senso UI, in that you can dig deep and bring up all sorts of information, but your typical turn just involves moving units around and attacking others, so why not make that as seamless as possible? Everything is just done with taps directly on the battlefield to move and attack, which sort of makes you wonder if other turn-based strategy games really needed all the complicated UI elements they typically came loaded with.


So, it all sounds pretty cool, but the future of the game looks even brighter when you look at the guys behind the project: The core team includes folks who have spent time with Nintendo, Sony, Riot, Square Enix, Blizzard and EVE Online’s CCP Games. So, you’ve not only got an office filled with people who genuinely get what makes for a fun gameplay experience that is going to interest actual gamers, but they’re able to call in favors from serious industry heavy hitters. They’ve got Final Fantasy character designer Yoshitaka Amano onboard as well as the legendary Nobuo Uematsu creating music for the game. (I believe that makes this the third mobile game Uematsu has helped with, the other two being Oceanhorn [$ 8.99] and Terra Battle [Free].)

I spoke at length with the team about their monetization strategies, and they’re heavily holding on to the idea that even though it’s free to play, nothing you’re going to be able to buy will give you any kind of advantage over another player. A ton of cosmetic stuff is currently on the table, including but not limited to customizing the color of your army but also building an army that consists entirely of heavily arms dinosaurs and cats. As someone who has spent a stupid amount of money on skins in League of Legends, this is the kind of free to play I love the most (and also seem to spend the most money on, oddly enough).

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It sounds grandiose, but I think we’re potentially entering a new distinct era of mobile gaming heralded by games like Clash Royale [Free], Super Senso and other projects where developers are offering what feels like a “full” and “real” gameplay experience that interests actual self-identified gamers, packed in a super-short session time that fits in with how most people play games on the go. Personally, I’m super excited for more and more developers to get the memo on how well this sort of thing works on mobile. We’ve been streaming Super Senso on Mobcrush and have a thread for the game cookin’ in our forums. It hasn’t really caught on with our community yet, which is pretty surprising to me, as this is the exact kind of game I think TouchArcade readers would really be into. If you like what you see here, either add the game to your watch list or fire up your New Zealand iTunes account and give it a download.

New Zealand iTunes Link: Super Senso, Free

We’re Streaming iOS Games Live on Mobcrush [Tasos Streaming Super Senso]

We’re Streaming iOS Games Live on Mobcrush [Tasos Streaming Super Senso]

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