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‘Flipping Legend’ Review – It’s Flipping Sweet

‘Flipping Legend’ Review – It’s Flipping Sweet

It can be tough to stand out for a game that is in a well-worn genre. The sort of endless runner with action elements genre can be a tough sell for some folks when there’s a ton of those games out there. But Flipping Legend [Free] doesn’t deserve to be skipped. This separates itself from the rest of the pack by having a unique movement system, an RPG-style upgrade system, strong artistic direction, and most importantly: being fun to play at its very core.

Flipping Legend has you playing as one of several character types who have the ability to flip diagonally across the world, much like a bishop on a chess board. So, you can’t hit anything right in front of you, necessarily. You have to be constantly thinking in diagonals, trying to string together jumps, because your health constantly decreases when you’re not bopping enemies. You have five worlds to make it through, though a portal can be taken to later worlds when you reach each one five times. You also can backflip, but this uses up part of your super meter. Your enemies won’t just stand there waiting for you to bop them: some of them throw projectiles, will poison you, or are ghosts that will chase you down unless you get away quickly enough. Good luck with all that! It’s all a fun concept on paper, but it’s such a fun game to just physically play.

A big reason why Flipping Legend works so well is because the flipping feels so good to play with. It’s a fast, responsive control scheme, and flipping from tile to tile, bopping enemies in a row, it is very satisfactory to play with. The big thing you have to understand is how to use the flips across the screen, where flipping right on the right column will flip you to the left column. The checkerboard system helps out a lot, as it gives you a quick glance at if you need to get on a different checkerboard path. The whole system also conveys a feeling of correctness when you get a big string of enemies taken down, like this is how you’re supposed to be doing it. When a game feels so good to just play in its rawest form, that’s a sign that the bigger experience can be fun. This isn’t always the case, but Flipping Legend has a fantastic core to work with.

The special attack meter feels cribbed from fighting games for a different purpose here, but it provides a a useful system. See, you can use one bar of your meter to jump backwards, which is helpful for taking out enemies as there’s better rewards for keeping a string of kills going without missing an enemy. But, the meter takes longer to fill going down the line, so one jump backwards when you have a full meter comes at a higher cost. You can stand there and wait if you don’t have the meter full to jump backward, but with the constantly-draining health, this is only recommended ever so often. The super moves are rather useful, as they can take out multiple enemies, or help you out when you need a bit of an edge going through the world. The werewolf is a particularly interesting character because he has a forward jump for his special move; you don’t get the screen-clearing you do from other characters’ abilities, but you do get a useful little tool that can be upgraded to be more of a boon to your high score chasing.

The upgrade system is a bit different from other free-to-play games, because you have to level up your characters in order to upgrade them. Diablo‘s skill trees are a stated influence for Flipping Legend, where you get one skill point to spend on upgrades per character level. Experience is earned through scoring points, with bonuses to be found in treasure chests. Upgrades include things like being able to pick up multiple shields, being immune to certain negative effects, and faster power bar generation. But each character has some unique ability upgrades, where like the ninja can shoot shurikens at forward enemies when doing their backflip. The warlock’s spell can become more useful, and even help out with the ghosts in the cemetery. The character leveling also means that you have an incentive to play with each character, and have some solid progress to work toward in the game toward not just getting high scores and unlocking new areas, but also making your characters even better.

Flipping Legend is free-to-play, with two in-app purchase types. One is the ad removal IAP, which not only removes any kind of interstitial ad you might see, but you also don’t have to watch ads to get the free chest every 10 minutes, and chests you pick up in the game open for free at the end of your session. You can then buy legend chests: 10 for $ 0.99, 25 for $ 1.99, or 40 for $ 2.99. These give you rare skins, experience bonuses, and big quantities of gold for your runs. There’s no exorbitant spending here, and that ad removal IAP will take you a long way toward saving time with the chest unlocks. Interestingly, there is no way to continue a run, so once you die…you die.

The art style of Flipping Legend works rather well because of the way that it combines voxel art and low-resolution pixel art in a way that feels unique. Plenty of games have had either style, but the voxel characters of Flipping Legend feel special in that way. While the low-resolution fonts still feel a little jarring compared to the 3D art, I don’t know if there was a good solution for that. It’s still a good style for the game. The music has a great feeling to it, and there’s a cool aspect to where it changes smoothly with level transitions, to where you might not even notice that the track has been building into something different. There’s iCloud support so you don’t lose your progress when playing on different devices.

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Flipping Legend is just an astounding take on a well-trodden genre, of the free-to-play action-y runner. The work that Hiding Spot Games put into this along with Noodlecake’s help has been spectacular. The reports from GDC were that this was coming together really nicely, and after playing a ton of this one before and after release, Flipping Legend is a must-download in my book.

New iOS Games: ‘Flipping Legend’, ‘forma.8 GO’, ‘Lowlander II’, ‘Poly Bridge’ and TONS More

New iOS Games: ‘Flipping Legend’, ‘forma.8 GO’, ‘Lowlander II’, ‘Poly Bridge’ and TONS More

AHHH!!! This week has so many great games that I’m really not sure where I’m going to find time to play all of them before we record our podcast on Friday. The whole list includes a bunch of indie stuff that’s been posted to our forums, but if you don’t want to comb through all of that, here’s my HOT PICKS of the week in a short list. This week perfectly embodies what I’m always talking about when people like to rant about how there’s no good mobile games anymore. There’s so many good games I don’t have time to play them all. For real.

  • Art of Gravity [$ 0.99]
  • Clicker Fred [Free]
  • Dr Nakamoto’s Digital Eggs [$ 2.99]
  • Flipping Legend [Free]
  • forma.8 GO [$ 3.99]
  • Fowlst [$ 1.99]
  • Framed 2 [$ 4.99]
  • Lowlander II: Lowerlander [$ 2.99]
  • Mr Future Ninja [$ 3.99]
  • Poly Bridge [$ 4.99]

Now, keep in mind, it’s entirely possible there’s other awesome games in this list that I just haven’t heard of or haven’t tried yet, but all of those are super strong on my radar and I’ve been looking forward to for … quite a while. Anyway, on with the show:


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iTunes Description

Fresh and unique numbers merged gameplay.
Not only 1900,but more than 2048! Kidding…This is harder…Very more harder…

Can you merge number bigger than 2048?Or bigger than 1900?Or bigger than 1010?
Nope…Merge number bigger than 190 can be genius in 1900!

Forum Thread:1900 (by Xi You Di Wang)

4D Toys

iTunes Description

What if you received a box filled with mysterious toys from a fourth spatial dimension?

Playfully explore and marvel at beautiful shapes powered by a groundbreaking 4D+time physics system.

Poke, throw, roll and watch as they disappear into a dimension you can’t see.

Forum Thread:4D Toys (by mtb design works)

Arrow Rain

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iTunes Description

Arrow Rain is an action packed arcade style wave defense game. Choose between one of 5 heroic defenders and put your reflexes to the test as you survive wave after wave of arrow volleys raining down upon you from the sky.

Forum Thread:Arrow Rain (By Welborn Entertainment)

Art Of Gravity

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iTunes Description

Art Of Gravity is a voxel/physics based puzzle game, revolving around the theme of destroying abstract figures, which results in mesmerizing displays of dance of gravity.

My name is Michal, a puzzle game designer – and it’s my new game, after very well received Zenge.

Forum Thread:Art Of Gravity (by Hamster On Coke Games)

Candy Raccoon: Balloon Games for Kids

iTunes Description

You still do not know the cutest raccoon Candy? She is waiting for you in the fascinating world of educational games for kids!
All the guys know that popping balloons is fun.
And with Candy Raccoon it’s also informative!
In addition, the developing game “Candy Raccoon: Balloon Games for Kids” allows you to pop balloons with benefit.

Forum Thread:Candy Raccoon: Balloon Games for Kids (By Sylok Media)

Candy Shake Cup

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iTunes Description

Burst all kinds of lovely candies in the cup, gameplay novel, interesting, variety of level design. Snowballs, birds,greedy candies,spider,etc. many exciting designs,shake your phone to let candies dance. Hundreds of levels, free to play, can’t stop at all, come on!

Forum Thread:Candy Shake Cup (By BluSped)

Cargo Car Parking Game 3D Simulator

iTunes Description

Cargo 3D Car Parking is an amazing game simulator which tests your car driving and parking skills simultaneously. It is designed with amazing features which stands it out from other competition games Apps.

Forum Thread:Cargo Car Parking Game 3D Simulator (By Cyber Designz)

The Cheetah: Online RPG Simulator

iTunes Description

Following the success of ‘The Wolf’ and a huge demand for more, the Studio prepared a fresh game with a cheetah as a main character and broad savannas as the environment. As you gain experience, you may develop the skills and abilities of your big cat. There are two game modes which you can always switch. One of them is a cooperative multiplayer mode, where you gain experience from hunting other animals. The PVP mode engages you in an exciting battle with other players. Everything is topped off with high end graphics.

Forum Thread:The Cheetah: Online RPG Simulator (by Swift Apps)

Clicker Fred

iTunes Description

Tired of running around to collect shiny things? Well, no more! Clicker Fred lets you get other hapless saps to do all the sweating – and horrible, horrible dying – for you. Pick up your scythe and start slicing your way to collossal riches!

Forum Thread:Clicker Fred (by Dedalord S.R.L.)

Dr Nakamoto’s Digital Eggs

iTunes Description

Welcome to the world of Digital Eggs, an invention from the mind of the infamous Dr Nakamoto. You have found the last working prototype of the system but unfortunately it has been neglected and fallen into disrepair! You must help Dr Nakamoto resume his lost work, and finally discover if digital life forms can ever be really real!

Forum Thread:Dr Nakamoto’s Digital Eggs (by Super Hi Pty Ltd)

Drag Racing 3D

iTunes Description

Drag Racing 3D © is exciting night street races where the only thing that should slow you down is a finish line. People say that drag is the most impressive type of racing. It’s the challenge for only the most insane and outstanding drivers. You should use the full power of your car if you want to win!

Forum Thread:Drag Racing 3D (by Vasiliy Maksimenko)

Flipping Legend

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iTunes Description

Unleash the power of your fists, spells and weapons in this pattern-based adventure.
Hone your reflexes and be one with the environment as speed and rhythm become second-nature.
Play with powerful heroes and unlock all their abilities and secrets to help better dispense your foes.
Reach new and faraway lands not yet discovered by fellow travelers.
Be a Flipping Legend!

Forum Thread:Flipping Legend (by Hiding Spot Games and Noodlecake)

The Floor is Lava !!!

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iTunes Description

Tap to jump on top of objects when the floor turns to lava!

The best The Floor is Lava challenge
is here for you iPhone and iPad !

Forum Thread:The Floor is Lava !!! (by Henrique Silva)

forma.8 GO

iTunes Description

forma.8 is a unique take on the proven Metroidvania action-adventure formula, with a striking visual style and a huge world to explore.

As the small exploration probe forma.8 you’re stranded alone on the surface of an alien planet. Separated from your companions by accident you have a life or death mission to accomplish: find and recover a lost, powerful energy source before it’s too late. Ancient civilisations, great perils and dystopian visions await you. And not everything is what it seems…

Forum Thread:forma.8 GO (by Mixedbag Srl)


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iTunes Description

Fourte is the math game where you play with 4 given numbers and the basic operators to get the desired number.

Enemies will approach! Can you defend your forte and unlock the math wizards?
Add up your courage, subtract your weaknesses,
Multiply your strength, divide your plans,
and, of course, brace for the attack!

Forum Thread:Fourte (by Jambav)


iTunes Description

Fowlst is an an action game about an owl who is trapped in Hell for some reason. Make your way through chamber after spooky chamber, smashing Demons and grabbing loot. Dodge bullets, battle huge bosses and try not to get chopped In half by a buzz saw. Trade your loot for sick powers like egg bombs and rockets so you can really show those demons whos boss!

Forum Thread:Fowlst (by Thomas Young)


iTunes Description

Years ago, a mysterious ship smuggled precious cargo into an exotic land.
A standalone entry in the FRAMED series.
Change the order, change the outcome.

Forum Thread:FRAMED 2 (by Loveshack)

Gentoo – A Penguin relaxation game

iTunes Description

One of life’s greatest challenges is to notice life happening. In a world where connectivity doesn’t always mean connection; where the quicker the better and time off is time wasted – only a few have learnt the art of going slow.

Forum Thread:Gentoo – A Penguin relaxation game (by Will Poole)

Get Out! 2

iTunes Description

Get Out! 2 is a lovingly crafted cartoon-style escape the room game, with over a dozen different screens, many MANY objects to pick up and crazy puzzles to solve.

You wake up in a strange apartment with no knowledge on where you are or how you got there. The only thing you know is that you have to… GET OUT!

Forum Thread:Get Out! 2 (by Ink Critter)

Grow Stone Online

iTunes Description

Adventure to find the legendary stone!

Welcome to Grow Stone Online, a MORPG to find the legendary stone!
Play and Grow stone with multi players in real time
Imagine what if stone combined!

Forum Thread:Grow Stone Online (by Hyojung Kim)


iTunes Description

Jump, swipe, don’t crash! Follow the arrows and swipe fast in the correct direction to avoid crashing! Reach higher than anyone and test your skills as you unlock the secrets of the universe! Download this FREE, NO ADS, addictive game and start jumping today!

Forum Thread:Jumpets (By Ori Nabarro)

Lowlander II: Lowerlander

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iTunes Description

LOWERLANDER is the sequel to Flat Black’s 2015 somewhat-acclaimed retro-rpg, Lowlander!

Yarak means business. She ain’t got time for you! Get that armor on- there’s adventuring to be done!

Forum Thread:Lowlander II: Lowerlander (by Flat Black Films)

Manic Maze

iTunes Description

For the puzzle addicted gamers we have made an awesome challenging maze escape game called Manic Maze.

The game is very exciting and challenging. To play the game you simply have to swipe into the direction that you want to go in the maze.

Forum Thread:Manic Maze (by Geert Verschueren)

Math Fighter

iTunes Description

Project 3 of Studio Han!
Very Simple Brain Game

[Game description]
Very Simple Brain Game
Solve calculation problems and survive for a long time.
Parents’ favorite games
Compete with your friends.

Forum Thread:Math Fighter (by Studio Han)

Minds Up

iTunes Description

Join us! Join Minds Up!! Here you can duel Sudoku with your friends in real-time! In Minds Up you can not only experience Sudoku by your own,but most importantly you can duel Sudoku with friends all over the world.Minds Up also provide you an oppertunity to make friends around the world and communicate skills online with top puzzle players! Interactive game is also avaliable here.Every there hours you can challenge three totally new Sudoku and earn free rewards.

Forum Thread:Minds Up (By Linkfun Technology)

Mr Future Ninja

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iTunes Description

A ninja stealths around a futuristic skyscraper – the headquarters of an evil corporation. They have abducted your clan and are planning to conduct experiments on them.

Their plan is to clone their own ninjas and sell them as mindless servants in a service called Mr Future Ninja!

You’re the last hope to bring down the corporation and free your clan!

Forum Thread:Mr Future Ninja (by Appsolute Games LLC)

Painted Plates Starter

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iTunes Description

This creative app allows you to create beautiful and unique plate patterns. The rotation of the plate lets you quickly and easily arrange various compositions. The process of applying decorations is relaxing and encourages you to experiment with the wide range of available ornaments.

Forum Thread:Painted Plates Starter (by Jacek Zawadzki)

Phase Spur

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iTunes Description

Phase Spur is a casual puzzle game with cute little creatures. When they are happy, their spirit and cuteness endear everyone, so much so, it?s easy to get carried away by their cuteness. However, when they are disturbed, they can be quite annoying. So, here’s a thing, MAKE THEM HAPPY! The task is, arrange no more than two creatures in a line. As they are adamant in nature, no three creatures (not more than two) can exist along a line (vertical, diagonal and horizontal) from their point of view.

Forum Thread:Phase Spur (by Vishtek Studios LLP)

Physics Overdrive

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iTunes Description

It’s a very challenging and entertaining 2d physics based race and skill game!

Use your skills to the limit! Try to get on each track bonuses by collecting stars and showing your skills. Use your in-game currency to buy other vehicles. When you fail, choose another vehicle and try a different method!

Forum Thread:Physics Overdrive (by Anqa Game)

Planetstorm – Fallen Horizon

iTunes Description

Wage war in this stunning modern warfare strategy game. COMMAND a powerful army, upgrade your defenses and arsenal, AND CONQUER the galaxy! The fate of human evolution lies in your hand. Choose the raw power of the Terrans or the superior technology of the Alterians. Be the hero your faction deserves, today!

Forum Thread:Planetstorm – Fallen Horizon (by Aykiro)

Pocket Kingdom

iTunes Description

Islands sometimes appear out of the blue in the clouds. The mysterious Pocket Kingdom is one of them. Wander around its districts, solve puzzles and listen to the weird stories told by the locals. Unveiling the place’s mysteries depends on it. So does getting out of it.

Forum Thread:Pocket Kingdom (by Plug In Digital)

Poly Bridge

iTunes Description

Poly Bridge, the hit bridge-building game, now on iPhone and iPad.

Unleash your engineering creativity with an engaging and fresh bridge-building simulator with all the bells and whistles.

Dozens of hours and over 100 levels of physics-based puzzle solving fun await you in the Campaign, requiring you to build all kinds of structures, ranging from simple light car bridges to multi-deck draw-bridges and jumps, just to name a few!

Forum Thread:Poly Bridge (by Dry Cactus)


iTunes Description

Quackers is a fun 2D game. You have to move Sir Quacksimus side to side, dodging the falling cages to keep him alive. You will earn a point for every cage you dodge, however, they will fall faster and faster as the time you are alive for increases.

Forum Thread:Quackers (by Jordan Savage)

Quad Maze

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iTunes Description

Are you looking for a real challenge? Then try to beat this hardcore puzzle platformer game!

Try to find your way through increasingly difficult mazes. In order to be successful, you’ll need logic, patience, timing and reaction skills. Compete against time, choose your strategy and rush through exciting levels!

Forum Thread:Quad Maze (by Anqa Game)

Racing Games 2017-Bike Race

iTunes Description

Ride your motorcycle through amazing tracks with jumps, leaps and loops in this simple and fast-paced physics-based game.

Tilt your device to lean your bike and touch the screen to accelerate/brake.

Experience the ultimate skill based racing game on your phone!Explore a vast world by using your motorcycle.Get it Now, it’s worth it.

Forum Thread:Racing Games 2017-Bike Race (by Nick Haslam)

Song of the World

iTunes Description

Dive into the world of “Song of the World”
and see the dark fairy tale unfold
in this beautifully crafted pixel RPG adventure.

The indie dev team Team D.T.R. presents!
Join the humming voices of the refugee children as they sing the “Song of the World”.

Forum Thread:Song of the World (by Team DTR)


iTunes Description

SoulClicker is simple but addictive clicker style game.

Tap to attack enemies and collect soul, summon heroes and level-up your team using soul to defeat strong enemies.

Forum Thread:SoulClicker (by PlantagoGames)

SpinUp : Original

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iTunes Description

Similar to titles such as Flappy Bird and Stack, this one-tapper brings addictiveness to a whole new level. SpinUp introduces simple arcade-style gameplay that has never been introduced before on any platform.

Forum Thread:SpinUp : Original (by Clarke Hildreth)

Super Silly Soccer

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iTunes Description

A beautiful game of skill, beauty, and broken dreams.

Forum Thread:Super Silly Soccer (Fat Eel Studios)

Taxi Surfer – Endless Arcade Jumper

iTunes Description

Did you ever dream of taking a taxi without having to pay for it? Yes!? Then Taxi Surfer will make your dream come true. Taxi Surfer is a simple but challenging isometric one-tapping arcade game in a beautiful blocky design. Jump from one taxi to another, but make sure to avoid the other cars on the road. You start surfing taxis in New York City. By collecting coins several other cities, such as Beijing, Munich, Mexico City and London can be unlocked. Every world comes with a unique scenery and music.

Forum Thread:Taxi Surfer – Endless Arcade Jumper (by Eageron GmbH)

Noodlecake’s ‘Flipping Legend’ Backflips Onto the App Store on June 14th

Noodlecake’s ‘Flipping Legend’ Backflips Onto the App Store on June 14th

Noodlecake just released Bouncy Hoops [Free], but the releases from the prolific publisher continue unabated. Next up for them is Flipping Legend, a game that Jared in particular was a fan of back at GDC. Developed by Hiding Spot Games, this title promises simple gameplay with surprising depth. You tap left and right on the screen to jump diagonally forward in that direction, with the ability to backflip onto the previous square. You can bop enemies, which will refill your ever-draining health bar. Each character will have special abilities to help take on the foes ahead of them, which you’ll need as you’ll have to work ever more efficiently to stay alive.

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What’s interesting is that there’s a whole custom skill tree for each character, with customizations and upgrades to various abilities. This does have the potential to be a lot deeper than most endless games, and GDC impressions were really strong. Check out our hands-on video from the show:

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I’m also impressed by the visuals, which manage to combine voxels with some well-done effects in a 3D world, to make the game look like it’s a low-resolution pixel art game, with signs of just that art throughout the experience. It’s an interesting combo, to say the least, and I’m interested to see for myself how this all shakes out when the game releases on June 14th.

Rumor: Nintendo is Planning to Bring a ‘Legend of Zelda’ Game to Mobile After ‘Animal Crossing’

Rumor: Nintendo is Planning to Bring a ‘Legend of Zelda’ Game to Mobile After ‘Animal Crossing’

So far, things have been going as most expected for Nintendo and their various mobile projects. Miitomo [Free] was a cute novelty that was popular for about the same length of time as Pogs, Super Mario Run [Free] did about as well as a $ 10 auto-runner could be expected to, and Fire Emblem Heroes [Free] has been making money hand-over-fist. Their next game, Animal Crossing, has been taking a little longer than expected to finish development, but word is already spilling out as to what comes after.

Or rather, who. Fresh off the system-selling hit The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo apparently plans to bring Link and friends to mobile sometime after the release of Animal Crossing, according to sources that talked to the Wall Street Journal. Nintendo and DeNA have declined to comment on the matter, but the Wall Street Journal has proven quite reliable with these matters in the past. Plus, it’s not exactly the most unexpected thing in the world. Mario has already broken the “major character” mobile barrier, and The Legend of Zelda is not only one of Nintendo’s biggest brands, it’s also quite hot at the moment.

We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open for some actual confirmation of this information, but we felt it was worth passing on the rumor for now. Keep the requisite grains of salt handy, of course. The real question is, what form would this game take? It wasn’t too hard to imagine what Mario, Fire Emblem, or Animal Crossing might look like on mobile, but how could they make Zelda work for the market? I suspect we’ll see soon enough.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

‘Legend of the Skyfish’ Is on Sale for Its Lowest Price yet This Weekend

‘Legend of the Skyfish’ Is on Sale for Its Lowest Price yet This Weekend

Despite being inundated with mountains of work over the past few weeks, I’ve somehow managed to fit in time for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch, and like basically everyone else on the internet I’m in love with the game in almost every aspect. That being said, one factor from previous Zelda titles is missing, and even being able to climb and fly off everything does not make up for its absence. You guessed it – with no hookshot in the game, I’m unable to make Link defy the laws of physics and rocket in random directions. Thankfully, Legend of the Skyfish [$ 3.99] takes the polar opposite approach and entirely consists of hookshot (okay, fishing rod) action, and when the game launched back in August of last year, Carter bestowed the game with an extremely positive review because of its interesting puzzles, excellent art style, and the aforementioned brilliant core mechanic. If you flew past Legend of the Skyfish at its initial release, the game is on sale for only $ 0.99, which is certainly a price to grapple onto for some entertaining puzzle action.

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Even though I have drawn numerous parallels to Zelda over the course of this article, Legend of the Skyfish stands as its own unique game because of the variation and ingenuity of many of the challenges that can be encountered within the title. Using the environment to lure enemies into traps is immensely satisfying, and surprisingly the controls translate extremely well onto the touch screen, with the virtual controls giving you the ability to intricately cast your rod wherever your heart desires (MFi controller support is also welcome, for anyone with the requisite equipment). A graphical design that is an amalgamation of the weirdness of some of the more eccentric handheld Zelda titles with the fantasy of fairytale stories is the cherry on the cake of one of my favorite games of 2016, and for only $ 0.99 I cannot recommend Legend of the Skyfish enough. Be sure to take advantage of this weekend sale before the promotion ends next week, and head down to our forum thread for more discussion on Legend of the Skyfish.

GDC 2017 – Four from Noodlecake: ‘Flipping Legend’, ‘Lichtspeer’, ‘Summer Catchers’, and ‘Invert’

GDC 2017 – Four from Noodlecake: ‘Flipping Legend’, ‘Lichtspeer’, ‘Summer Catchers’, and ‘Invert’

Noodlecake is as busy as always and had four different games to show us here at GDC, and they’re all looking quite awesome. Invert is a “Pretentious Puzzle Game” about inverting tiles that should give puzzle fans something tasty to chew on. Then there’s Lichtspeer, a bow-shooting game with a completely off the wall German spin and a really cool art style. Next up is Flipping Legend, which upon first blush might look like yet another endless Crossy-like but is actually one of the coolest games I saw all week. Last but not least is Summer Catchers, another game with a gorgeous art style and a ton of mystique that’s glued together with a satisfying side-scrolling physics driving mechanic. I apologize for the audio quality in a couple of these, they’re still audible but kind of muffled and quiet, and I blame my stupid idiot hand accidentally covering the mic.

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Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel

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Noodlecake is known for putting out quality stuff, but this stable of upcoming games is perhaps some of their strongest work ever. There’s a real emphasis on unique elements and great visuals in each of these games. The crazy thing is that Noodlecake had even MORE games that are in the pipeline, and along with these 4 there should be a new game from these guys trickling out steadily over the course of the year. We’ll be keeping an eye on everything and will bring you updates as they happen.

The Terrific ‘Legend of Grimrock’ Is Really Cheap Right Now

The Terrific ‘Legend of Grimrock’ Is Really Cheap Right Now

Legend of Grimrock [$ 1.99] is a terrific throwback to the good old days of dungeon-crawling RPG that got 5 stars from us, and it’s on sale for the first time since 2015. In other words, you should pick this one up while you can. The game will really take you back if you’re my age or introduce you to the masochistic habits of older gamers. The game is all about exploring a dungeon filled with traps and puzzles and taking on all kinds of enemies. Legend of Grimrock lets you side-step enemies and back away from them or even manage to move behind them and take them out more easily. You can also close doors strategically to limit the amount of enemies you have to take on at one time.

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The puzzles involve real-time reactions and movements, which wasn’t really the case in the old games of the genre, and can be really, really tough. If you don’t believe me, check out the tears flowing in the game’s forum thread. Anyway, I think I’ve talked too much for what should be a no-brainer for most gamers; if you haven’t bought Legend of Grimrock and it sounds even a bit like your cup of tea, grab it now.

Action Adventure Game ‘Legend of Abhimanyu’ Hits the App Store This Month

Action Adventure Game ‘Legend of Abhimanyu’ Hits the App Store This Month

abhimanyu-gameart-3dmobilegameAnother interesting tidbit from our forums this morning is the announcement of Legend of Abhimanyu from the India-based studio ACY Entertainment. The game tells the story of the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata which I don’t know much about, but according to Wikipedia, it seems like a pretty cool setting for a game:

The Mahabharata is an epic narrative of the Kurukshetra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandava princes. It also contains philosophical and devotional material, such as a discussion of the four “goals of life” or purusharthas (12.161). Among the principal works and stories in the Mahabharata are the Bhagavad Gita, the story of Damayanti, an abbreviated version of the Ramayana, and the Rishyasringa, often considered as works in their own right.

The trailer looks neat too:

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Apparently, Legend of Abhimanyu is a premium title that will be released this month. I’m liking the art, and it’s always fun to play a game that tells a story from a different culture you’re not incredibly familiar with, but I remain cautiously optimistic as (historically speaking, anyway) it seems like it has been easier for developers to craft impressive art and fancy trailers than it has for them to come up with good combat systems. Hopefully ACY Entertainment doesn’t fall into a similar hole. Either way, there’s a ton more info on the game’s web site so definitely give that a look if this has piqued your interest.

‘Batman: The Telltale Series’, ‘Sentinels of the Multiverse’, ‘Legend of the Skyfish’, ‘Hakuoki’ and More in Today’s Sales Round-Up

‘Batman: The Telltale Series’, ‘Sentinels of the Multiverse’, ‘Legend of the Skyfish’, ‘Hakuoki’ and More in Today’s Sales Round-Up

‘Tis the season for savings, especially for mobile gamers. As it goes every year, there are tons of sales happening right now in the App Store. So many, in fact, that it’s getting to be impractical to do individual posts for games or even entire publishers. Therefore, until the tide subsides somewhat, I’m just going to do round-up posts that collect a bunch of new sales on games for each day. You’ll have to forgive me if they lack the detail of my usual posts or completely recycle the introduction, but one can only do so much at a time. Anyway, enough about that. On to today’s sales highlights!

NIFTY Corporation

  • Hakuoki Premium Edition [$ 18.99]
  • Amnesia: Memories Premium Edition [$ 15.99]

Kemco Games

  • Grace of Letoile [$ 0.99]
  • Legend of Ixtona [$ 0.99]
  • Revenant Saga [$ 0.99]
  • Crystareino [$ 0.99]
  • Silver Nornir [$ 6.99]
  • Alphadia Genesis 2 [$ 0.99]
  • Valkyria Soul [$ 0.99]
  • Seven Sacred Beasts [$ 0.99]
  • Dead Dragons [$ 0.99]
  • Shelterra the Skyworld [$ 0.99]
  • Rusted Emeth [$ 3.99]
  • Chrome Wolf [$ 3.99]

Chilli Hugger Software

  • The Lords of Midnight [$ 1.99]
  • Doomdark’s Revenge [$ 1.99]


  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers [$ 0.99 / $ 0.99 (HD)]
  • Kingdom Rush Origins [$ 0.99 / $ 0.99 (HD)]


  • Potatoman Seeks The Troof [Free]
  • Last Horizon [$ 0.99]

Telltale Games

  • (All parts of the following episodic games are on sale, but only the first are linked here)
  • Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space [$ 0.99]
  • Monkey Island Tales [$ 0.99]
  • Jurassic Park: The Game [$ 0.99]
  • The Walking Dead: Michonne [$ 1.99]
  • Poker Night 2 [$ 4.99]
  • Puzzle Agent 2 [$ 0.99]
  • Walking Dead: The Game [Free]
  • The Wolf Among Us [Free]
  • Walking Dead: The Game Season 2 [Free]
  • Game of Thrones [Free]
  • Tales from the Borderlands [Free]
  • Batman: The Telltale Series [$ 2.99]
  • Back to the Future: The Game [Free]
  • Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa [$ 0.99]

Crescent Moon Games

  • 2-bit Cowboy Rides Again [$ 0.99]
  • Coldfire Keep [$ 4.99]
  • The Deer God [$ 1.99]
  • Ravensword: Shadowlands [$ 6.99]
  • Pocket RPG [$ 0.99]
  • Aralon: Forge & Flame [$ 1.99]
  • Microgue [$ 0.99]
  • Shadow Blade: Reload [$ 1.99]
  • Stellar Wanderer [$ 1.99]
  • Legend of the Skyfish [$ 1.99]
  • Atomic Super Lander [$ 0.99]

Mi-Clos Studio

  • Out There: Omega Edition [$ 0.99]
  • Out There Chronicles [$ 0.99]

Klei Entertainment

  • Invisible, Inc. [$ 2.99 (HD)]
  • Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition [$ 0.99]

Experimental Gameplay

  • Little Inferno [$ 4.99]
  • Human Resource Machine [$ 1.99]

Epic Games

  • Infinity Blade [$ 0.99]
  • Infinity Blade 2 [$ 0.99]
  • Infinity Blade 3 [$ 0.99]


  • Dungelot: Shattered Lands [$ 3.99]
  • Snail Bob 2 Deluxe [$ 2.99]
  • Punch Club [$ 4.99]
  • Party Hard Go [$ 2.99]
  • Divide By Sheep [$ 2.99]
  • Fearless Fantasy [$ 3.99]


  • 1849 [$ 2.99 (HD)]
  • Reiner Knizia’s The Confrontation [$ 4.99 (HD)]
  • The Spatials [$ 2.99 (HD)]
  • Hero Emblems [$ 0.99]
  • Broken Age [$ 0.99]
  • Motorsport Manager [$ 0.99]
  • Space Rangers: Quest [$ 0.99]
  • Faif [$ 0.99]
  • Zoombinis [$ 2.99 (HD)]
  • Adventures of Poco Eco [$ 1.99]
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse [$ 2.99]
  • Forgotten Memories [$ 1.99]
  • Heavy Blade [$ 0.99]
  • Doom & Destiny Advanced [$ 2.99]
  • AG Drive [$ 3.99]
  • Galaxy Trucker [$ 4.99 / $ 4.99 (HD)]

By Grabthar’s Hammer, what a savings! I know there’s more to come, friends, so make sure you’re dutifully beating up the gangs of River City whenever you can for spare change. You’re going to need every spare cent this year and then some, by the looks of it.

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Sci-Fi MMO ‘Space Legend’ Has Soft Launched and Is Looking for Testers

Sci-Fi MMO ‘Space Legend’ Has Soft Launched and Is Looking for Testers

If you’re itching for space exploration, check out the upcoming Space Legend, which has just soft launched in New Zealand and the Netherlands. The developers call the game a social space MMO that’s trying to give mobile players a game that includes space exploration, trading, combat, and, of course, alliances. Your travels in Space Legend will take place across a persistent universe that’s fully PvP and comes with over 200 planets to visit as well as over 40 types of ships, heroes, battle cards, and much more.

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If this game looks interesting to you, you can head to our Upcoming Games forum thread and apply for the beta. Space Legend looks fun overall and the visuals are quite charming, too. For those ready to boldly go where few players have gone before, go join the beta.