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How the Charming ‘Hidden Folks’ Art and Gameplay Was Made

How the Charming ‘Hidden Folks’ Art and Gameplay Was Made

Hidden Folks [$ 2.99] is a lovely game that really feels made for touchscreens, and after adding more content to the game yesterday, its developers also posted a fun article on how the game’s art and gameplay was created. Apparently, every part of the game is hand-drawn and then scanned into sprite sheets. The developers used a pretty mediocre scanner for the project, and when they got a new one, they realized the art looked very different and had to go back to the low-budget scanner they initially had. The post goes on to talk about how the developers go about putting together each scene, organically growing each sub-area gradually while at the same time adding scripts to certain visuals to make them interactive.

During this phase, the developers try to make sure sub-areas are distinct enough to pop out and spread out enough to make the whole map engaging. The article goes on to talk about how the art is put together and animated?accompanied by plenty of visual. The blog post goes into even more detail, and it’s definitely worth reading if you like Hidden Folks or just like game and art design.


Utterly Charming ‘Old Man’s Journey’ Arriving on May 18th

Utterly Charming ‘Old Man’s Journey’ Arriving on May 18th

During GDC last year, I had a chance to check out a very early prototype of Old Man’s Journey, a story-driven adventure game of sorts from developer Broken Rules that had charm coming out its ears. The game was in too rough of shape to show off publicly at that time, but it stuck in the back of my head as one of the games I was most excited to see come to completion. Several months later Old Man’s Journey was finally officially unveiled to the public, and it looked like it had already come a long way since I’d last seen it. Then this past February the first gameplay trailer was shown, which was stunning, and in March at GDC 2017 I was able to check out Old Man’s Journey again, though this time we were able to get a wonderful hands-on demo. Now everything is about to come to a head as Old Man’s Journey is officially complete and launching on May 18th.

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In Old Man’s Journey you’ll play as the titular old man as he travels through a variety of environments, recounting his life along the way. While heavily story-driven, the “game” part of Old Man’s Journey involves a really unique mechanic where you can move parts of the environment to create a clear path for the old man to journey across. It’s the type of game that’s filled with all sorts of fun little details to discover. Price has yet to be determined, but I simply can’t wait for Old Man’s Journey to arrive later this month on May 18th at whatever the heck price they wanna charge me.

Out Now: ‘Planescape: Torment’, ‘Mallow Drops’, ‘Charming Runes’, ‘Footy Golf’, ‘MLB Perfect Inning Live’, ‘Full of Stars’, ‘Zombie Safari’, ‘Arcade Ice’, ‘The Contender’ and More

Out Now: ‘Planescape: Torment’, ‘Mallow Drops’, ‘Charming Runes’, ‘Footy Golf’, ‘MLB Perfect Inning Live’, ‘Full of Stars’, ‘Zombie Safari’, ‘Arcade Ice’, ‘The Contender’ and More

It’s that time of the week when we round up all of the new iOS game releases of the past seven days, and boy what a seven days it has been. Classic RPG Planescape: Torment is probably the most high profile of the bunch, but don’t let this week’s list fool you, there’s a ton of neat stuff that released this week. Mallow Drops is an excellent puzzle platformer making its way over from desktop, Charming Runes is a polished and, well, charming take on the extreme breakout formula, and Footy Golf is the latest puzzler from the fantastic folks at Donut Games. Check out the full list below and let us know which games you’ve got your eye on this week!


Age Of War 2

iTunes Description

Train a massive army from cavemen riding dinosaurs to World War tanks! All the way to hugely devastating robot warriors from the future age! There are so many different units to train across 7 completely unique ages of war. With 29 unit types at your disposal such as the Assault Spartan, Anubis Warrior, Mages, Knights, Rifleman, Cannons, Grenade Soldiers, Cyborgs and so many more! If you think the best offense is a strong defense try stacking up rows of turrets that mow down the enemy! Yes we still have the famous Chicken Turret which is a must build!

Forum Thread: Age Of War 2 (by Max Games Studios)


iTunes Description

anagram+1 is a Fun, Challenging, Addictive, Entertaining, Educational, Puzzling, Intuitive and Amusing word puzzle game! What is anagram? If you can generate a new word by rearranging the letters of another, they are called anagrams. For example: “RACE” and “CARE”

anagram+1 is a wordplay puzzle game based on… you guessed it… anagrams! You are given a word plus one extra letter. You need to solve the puzzle by making a new word from the given letters. For example, you may be given “OLD” + “R”. In this case, rearrange the letters given to find the word “LORD”.

Forum Thread: anagram+1 (by Esra Bulut Peynirci)

Arcade Ice

iTunes Description

Fast Paced Arcade platformer game, based on the classic retro style pixel art.

Play as an Ice cube melting away in 30 engaging levels and 6 different visually appealing environments.

With a ?simple tap to jump mechanisms incorporated with various difficulties, this game will keep you at it for hours.

Play around in different levels with a variety of obstacles to dodge from and find your way to the end.

Forum Thread: Arcade Ice (By underDOGS Gaming)

Balance of World

iTunes Description

The world where two races live. As the god of the world, you have to lead them to live in peace and a balanced way. The effort to create your own perfect world have been fraught with repeated setbacks.

When you created just a beautiful and peaceful world, people became complacent and lazy. That caused the destruction of the world. When you created a rough and tough world, people got tired so much. That caused another destruction of the world.

After these failures, you realized that both peace and tension are essential for the sustenance of the world successfully. Accordingly, you made one more race to live with people. Now, you have to lead them to live a balanced life to keep the world.

Forum Thread: Balance of World (by Magic Cube)

Big Quest: Bequest

iTunes Description

An adventure game with quests in a beautiful, bright world. Characters with unique traits, goals, and benefits. Active gameplay will appeal to players found of interactivity, especially lovers of quests and investigations.

Rich was a happy heir of a farm, which generated quite enough profit for happy living. One day, the courier does not bring the proceeds. That was the last day of the luxurious life of the happy farmer. How to return the property? It?s not that easy! Conflict of entrepreneurs, betrayal of friends, tyranny from foreigners who seized power, witchcraft and other unexpected things await you! To help the former lucky farmer, you will have to overcome many obstacles. Quest and explore through wonder world.

Forum Thread: Big Quest: Bequest (By Kirill Kotenko)

Blocky Castle

iTunes Description

What happens when lots of lively pets start to climb and conquer the most dangerous tower castles of the world? Find it out yourself!

Pick your favorite competitor and overcome the tricky, but pretty hazardous obstacles while climbing up to the top of each tower. Sharp spikes, rolling barrels, heavy rocks, falling platforms, fire traps and jumping bombs among other meanies are waiting for your arrival to wickedly push you back into the abyss. But you should fear not, awareness of the surroundings and fine timing will get you through even the hardest situations!

Forum Thread: Blocky Castle (by Istom Games)

Brave of the Dead

iTunes Description

Contemporary clicker RPG in which the Brave and his party take out zombies with swords and magic: a fusion of nostalgia and modern time.

– An exhilarating feeling! By just tapping the screen you can hack zombies into pieces!

– What will be the fate of America when faced with a zombie virus! What is the President’s conspiracy going to be …!? This classic story is a must see!

Forum Thread: BRAVE OF THE DEAD -Clicker RPG- (By THE AGE)

Brick Stomp

iTunes Description

AppSir, Inc. and SuperVudu’s minimalist one-tap arcade xylophone extravaganza!

Brick Stomp: Xylophone Rainbow is an arcade game with one-tap controls. Just tap once to stomp down. The ball must have the same color as the xylophone brick it’s stomping. Stomp on the wrong brick and your ball explodes into smithereens! With great eye-hand coordination comes great Game Center Leaderboard scores. A great time-waster filled with addictive fun for minimalist fans!

Forum Thread: Brick Stomp (by Appsir)


iTunes Description

Blast off and join the fight in this faction based, top down space shooter!

Take control of a variety of different spaceships as you suit up and participate in a never-ending intergalactic conflict between three warring factions! Engage in frantic skirmishes, whilst upgrading your vessel and competing for high scores!
Broadside hosts beautifully colourful 2D graphics, easy to pick and play controls, as well as a local high score leader board.

Forum Thread: Broadside (by Lost Games)

Cat Stacks Fever

iTunes Description

Cat Stacks Fever is a reflex-based card stacking game for people who like solitaire but lack patience.

Draw cat-themed cards from the deck and toss them into one of 4 stacks. It’s as simple as that, except that there’s a razor thin time limit and the deck is stacked full of bombs, shields, and other special cards that can either aid in your pursuit of a new high score or complicate it in an instant.

Unlock every special card by reaching in-game milestones to enable Expert Mode and compete for a top spot on the Game Center leaderboards.

Forum Thread: Cat Stacks Fever: Twitch Solitaire (by Purple Pwny Studios)

Charming Runes

iTunes Description

Mine for enchanted runes!
Bounce magical pickaxes off walls for multiple hits!
Cutting through the sedimentary is elementary!

Line up the perfect shot in Charming Runes, the magical block-breaking game. Explore below Fairylandia with volatile RuneBooms, powerful RuneSmashers and corner-defying RuneScopes. Use your wits to design perfect, magic-filled moves to clear the way with a simple touch and slide.

Forum Thread: Charming Runes – Endless Arcade Block Breaker (by Mighty Games)

The Contender

iTunes Description

In a world you cannot understand, the ring is your salvation. You are, The Contender.

Get rocked in this 80s throwback to arcade boxing champions of yesteryears. The Contender is a less-is-more homage to classic 8-bit console (boxing) games that will, ahem, stretch your limits!

With deeply flawed control limitations, you will burst into tears of joy and passive rage as you walk into multiple left hand jabs with your stiff upper lip and stretch your arms across the ring to land your punches. And don’t forget to tap furiously to avoid being knocked out!

Float like a butterfly, sting like a b… no chance.

Forum Thread: The Contender: Fight of the Century (by The Frosty Pop Corps)


iTunes Description

? Cut the Rope Into Equal Parts as Possible
Give direction the colored balls by clicking on the screen. Some of the balls are connected to line but some aren’t. Some of them can cut the line but some can’t. Some of them have friction but some don’t. The objective is simple; divide the line into as equal parts as possible. Collect points and open new levels.

Forum Thread: cut. (By gamebra.in)

Eggtastic Easter Egg Hunt

iTunes Description

Grab colorful Easter Eggs flying through the air. Avoid any rotten eggs, rack up huge combos, and don’t let any eggs hit the ground.

This game and the other games I make are powered by the crowdfunding website Patreon. If you enjoy the game, please consider visiting my Patreon page, rating the game, and checking out other games I create.

Forum Thread: Eggtastic Easter Egg Hunt (by Eric Brill)


iTunes Description


Journey through an enchanted Faerie Kingdom filled with rainbow coloured realms and stunning creatures where powerful faeries are the protectors against the Darklings and their minions.

Fly with the butterflies, ladybugs and other critters and seek out a friendly rainbow dragon for gold.

Upgrade your powers and use your gold coins in the Hall of Heroes and to play the mini challenges in order to advance through the Realms.

Forum Thread: FAEDOM (By SQUISH)

Fairyland Story

iTunes Description

Life is an adventure, why not break the boundary and find the unknown freedom and a true adventure of your heart?

Fairyland Story is a surreal journey through the beautiful world of geometric kaleidoscope.
Dorothy, who was kept away from the outside world for all day long because of illness, was dreamed of a true adventure. A Fairy finally heard her voice and took her into the mysterious dreamland.

Forum Thread: Fairyland Story (by Warm Heart Studio)

Fly Free

iTunes Description

Fly Free is a really fun and challenging game that sees you guide your balloon as far away from the earth as possible!

On your way collect coins to use in buying different balloons for you next game! Then post your high score to our Game Center Leaderboard!

Forum Thread: Fly Free (By William Hutson)

Footy Golf

iTunes Description

Footy Golf is a wacky arcade game that combines STREET SOCCER with GOLF.

Using your foot instead of a club, AIM and FREE KICK the ball through playful courses filled with lamp posts, trash cans, bouncy springs, fences and more.
Complete each course by netting the ball in as few shots as possible!

Forum Thread: Footy Golf (By Donut Games)

Full of Stars

iTunes Description

Full of Stars is a story-driven space journey game about humanity’s survival.
The journey will be a test of both your skill and your humanity.

When a galaxy-wide war destroys planet after planet, humanity finds itself on the brink of extinction. Scared refugees scatter across the stars looking for safety. Luckily, they find you – a daring space captain, willing to bring them to a safe haven. You’ll need to lead them through dark and unknown parts of the galaxy, remnants of long-dead galactic empires, and sectors overrun by alien life forms.

Forum Thread: Full of Stars (by ArsThanea)

Gun Layer

iTunes Description

Are you ready to experience an amazing, fun retro gameplay that tests your reaction time and takes things to the next level? Welcome to the world of Gun-layer, where everything is focused on your reaction time, precision and attention to detail. Use your skills in order to eliminate your opponents as fast as possible in order to reach the next level.

Forum Thread: Gun-layer (by CRIONUKEGAMES)

Hard Skating

iTunes Description

Take your skateboard to the ramp, do as many flips as you can! The bigger the flip, the more points you win. Are you in for the challenge?

? Tap and hold to Flip, release to Land!
? Collect coins and unlock more than 15 cool skateboards.
? 24 fun challenges to beat!
? GameCenter leaderboards

Forum Thread: Hard Skating (by Studio Generative)


iTunes Description

From ganja to glory – get ready to grow your operation into a mighty Hempire!

This is the ultimate weed growing game. It doesn?t just stop at the pot: you must harvest your plants, breed new and unusual strains, make friends (and enemies), and eventually take control of your entire home city to be victorious.

But watch your back! Just ?cause weed?s gone legit doesn?t mean you?re safe! Hempire is a story driven joint, so get ready to deal with corrupt cops and shady businessmen, while also helping old ladies bake brownies. For real.

Forum Thread: Hempire (By LBC Studios)


iTunes Description

Get hexatized! This free inverse bubble shooter will challenge and mesmerize you at the same time. hexatized is a flat minimalistic match 3 bubbleshooter with innovative game controls and a fascinating gameplay you will just love. It’s very addictive!

Bubbles are constantly approaching towards the center. React fast and show ability by connecting 3 or more bubbles of the same color. Sounds pretty simple, right? But the difficulty of the game increases over time. The longer you play, the faster the bubble speed, the shorter the spawn time and the more challenging elements will appear.

Try to keep up popping as many bubbles as possible to beat the highscore of your friends!
If you pop all bubbles and clear the stage, you will get a bonus.

Forum Thread: hexatized (By Mathias Parger)

Hyper White Blood Cell Dash

iTunes Description

Is it a leukocyte? An antibiotic? No! It´s Hyper White Blood Cell!

Johnny is sick and the only thing you can do is heal him! Where the rest of the immunologic system have failed, the amazing Hyper White Blood Cell have a real chance of success.

Immerse yourself in a microscopic adventure inside the human body, dive across Johnny?s bloodstream and defend him from the evil GERMS! Hyper White Blood Cell Dash is a frenetic arcade action game in which you must dash over the enemies swiping the screen.

Are you ready to save Johnny? There is no time to waste!

Forum Thread: Hyper White Blood Cell Dash (By Demium Games)

Island Survival – Pixel Paradise

iTunes Description

Stranded on a desert island, you must use any means possible to survive!

Explore the island, venture into dark caves, and encounter terrifying monsters. Featuring randomly generated worlds, crafting, building, and mining, the world is yours to shape and explore. Island Survival is the most exciting survival game yet!

Forum Thread: Island Survival – Pixel Paradise (By Matthew Tory)

Little Bigfoot: Epic Stealth Adventure

iTunes Description

Size Does Matter! Experience the immense world of your favorite mythological creatures and much, much more.

RESCUE! your captured pack scattered across the globe
ESCAPE! from bumbling Hunters, nosey Hounds and secret Agencies
COLLECT! and play with a host of mythological species
SMASH! through enemies and environments with your supersized Inner Beast
BEWARE! the watchful eye of the villainous S.O.C.K.S. organization
EXPLORE! mystical worlds in stunning 3D environments

Forum Thread: Little Bigfoot: Epic Stealth Adventure (by Kiz Studios)

Mallow Drops

iTunes Description

Mallow Drops is a gravity puzzle where two kiwis try to rescue their lost eggs in a shattered world. Turn everything upside down as you slide, shift and move through its tricky world, a mix of platformer and a sliding block puzzle. Getting to where you need to go is half the fun – just be sure to look before you leap!

With Wooly Jumpers hopping about and Dirty Underbears surprising you suddenly, it won’t be easy, and if you’re not careful, the dreaded Dropbears may get the drop on you!

Forum Thread: Mallow Drops (by Gritfish)

Meow Cat Mia

iTunes Description

Play as a cat Mia

* There is only one thing that matters: your skill
* Meow Cat Mia takes gaming back to its roots
* Ten levels in Story mode with a few tricks
* Defender mode. The goal is to protect the fruit from mice
* You can complete the game for free
* It’s supposed to be hard 🙂

Forum Thread: Meow Cat Mia (by Panda Fashion Games)

Mine Sprint

iTunes Description

You’re going to love Mine Sprint !

Mine Sprint is an addictive logic game, similar to mine-sweeping games, but with a fresh look and a huge difference…

Set in a retro sci-fi universe, it is amazingly atmospheric – but beware – everyone who plays this game for more than a few minutes becomes addicted!

Forum Thread: Mine Sprint (by Mooflower)

Mini Leap

iTunes Description

Mini is lost and all alone in the big city. Help Mini get home by collecting enough coins and dodging obstacles through various stages. Play in Challenge Mode or Infinite Coin Collect Mode.

Stay tuned for regular updates with more challenging and exciting levels to come!

Forum Thread: Mini Leap (by Jimmy Park)

MLB Perfect Inning Live

iTunes Description

Just in time for baseball season, GAMEVIL is pleased to announce the release of a new, innovative way to enjoy baseball on your mobile devices!
With MLB Perfect Inning Live at your fingertips, you will be able to enjoy your favorite sports LIVE – Anytime Anywhere Anyone.
Use the most current player stats to adjust, rebuild, and trade in your roster with your baseball buddies!
It’s time for a Perfect Inning!

Forum Thread: MLB Perfect Inning Live (by GAMEVIL)

Planescape: Torment

iTunes Description

Uncover secrets of past lives in this story-rich, tactical roleplaying game set in Sigil, a dark fantasy city at the heart of the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse. Explore the planes, survive combat alongside a party of bizarre companions, and solve puzzles unlike any ever seen in the genre.

The original Planescape: Torment was released in 1999 to widespread critical acclaim. It won RPG of the Year from multiple outlets for its unconventional story, characters, and amazing soundtrack. Since then, millions of Planescape: Torment fans have enjoyed exploring the strange and dangerous city of Sigil and surrounding planes through the Nameless One’s eyes.

Discover an incredibly rich story and a unique setting unlike anything else in fantasy. Defeat strange and alien creatures, engage in rich dialogue, and explore the dark and dangerous Planescape setting in this 50+ hour RPG classic.

Forum Thread: Planescape: Torment (by Overhaul Games)


iTunes Description

Play with other people online! Can you become the fastest racecar?

Your racecar turns in sharp angles. It creates a trail which follows you and can be used to destroy other cars. Collect fuel to increase your score and speed.

Download now and start racing!

Forum Thread: Racecar.io (By KasSanity)

Star Cat Adventure

iTunes Description

Crashed and lost in space, Star Cat wishes to see his family again and return home. At the cusp of giving up, a glimmer of hope appears and a light descends to help.

Follow the Star as it leads you through a fantastic adventure unlike any other!

– Seven beautifully illustrated galaxies with 43 unique worlds

Forum Thread: STAR CAT Adventure (By Aamar Rana)

Toilet Paper Trip

iTunes Description

? I can go anywhere as long as I keep pulling.
Let’s go looking for big fish that I have not seen yet. ?

Mischievous cats are pulling toilet paper and traveling to a world of imagination with great excitement.

The cat collects favorite items, visits various places in the world, meets friends, and makes a world of dreams.

When You do not play this game after you began this game once, the cat continues pulling toilet paper, and a cat may find an item when you played on the next time.

Forum Thread: Toilet Paper Trip (by Kuma Chop)

Ultra Dash

iTunes Description

Tap to move!
Avoid stuff!
Collect coins!
Buy new characters!

Forum Thread: Ultra Dash (by Red Sprite Studios)

Waterslide Penguin

iTunes Description

Welcome to the Penguin Water Park!
You can’t swim? No problem. It’s the same for this penguin.
a 100 of levels are waiting for you!
Let’s dive and feel the real water!

Forum Thread: WaterSlide Penguin (By Moongames)

Zombie Safari

iTunes Description

Leave the urban area behind and explore a dangerous world packed with zombies, challenges and loot! Take the wheel of 4×4 off-roaders, Monster Trucks, Six Wheeled Gas-Guzzlers and climb the
highest mountains where no man has gone before! Deadly weapons await you in this post-apocalyptic open world off-road sandbox game.

Do what you please: explore massive landscapes, complete challenges, smash zombies, find secret locations, unlock and upgrade cars, it’s up to you!

Forum Thread: Zombie Safari (by Dogbyte Games Kft.)

New iPhone Games on Our Forums: ‘Charming Runes’, ‘Star Cat Adventure’, ‘Planescape: Torment EE’, ‘Footy Golf’ and Tons More

New iPhone Games on Our Forums: ‘Charming Runes’, ‘Star Cat Adventure’, ‘Planescape: Torment EE’, ‘Footy Golf’ and Tons More

Happy National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, everyone! While you’re playing all these new iPhone games, I recommend fully taking advantage of the oleophobic screen of modern iOS devices by eating a grilled cheese at the same time. While we’re at it, I’m not sure if it’s just my area or if it’s just the arms race of food trucks, but the gourmet grilled cheese scene in Chicago is getting a little silly. I’ve had some great (and weirdly expensive) ones, but really, there’s nothing better than the absolute crappiest grilled cheese ingredients. I’m talking Kraft individually wrapped “cheese,” white wonder bread, and margarine. …Kids these days growing up thinking a grilled cheese should have organic gruyere cheese, ten grain artisan bread, heirloom tomatoes, thick-cut bacon, and other crazy stuff? Sacrilege.

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Anyway, with that off my chest, here’s a list of brand new games that have been posted to our forums in the last couple days:

  • Age Of War 2 (by Max Games Studios)
  • anagram+1 (by Esra Bulut Peynirci)
  • Balance of World (by Magic Cube)
  • Big Quest: Bequest (By Kirill Kotenko)
  • Bravium – RPG & Hero Defense (by INGAME OOO)
  • Broadside (by Lost Games)
  • Charming Runes – Endless Arcade Block Breaker (by Mighty Games)
  • Eggtastic Easter Egg Hunt (by Eric Brill)
  • Fly Free (By William Hutson)
  • Footy Golf (By Donut Games)
  • Full of Stars (by ArsThanea)
  • Gravitee Color (by Tomasz Soroka)
  • Hard Skating (by Studio Generative)
  • Little Bigfoot: Epic Stealth Adventure (by Kiz Studios)
  • Meow Cat Mia (by Panda Fashion Games)
  • MLB Perfect Inning Live (by GAMEVIL USA, Inc.)
  • Planescape: Torment (by Overhaul Games)
  • Racecar.io (By KasSanity)
  • STAR CAT Adventure (By Aamar Rana)
  • TheBreakingBox (by The BreakingBox by 41? 29! Digital Marketing Agency)
  • Toilet Paper Trip (by Kuma Chop)
  • Ultra Dash (by Red Sprite Studios)
  • WaterSlide Penguin (By Moongames)
  • Zombie Safari (by Dogbyte Games Kft.)

Stay tuned for our full roundup later this evening, and fingers crossed for some exciting surprises throughout the day.

‘Charming Runes’ is the ‘Charming Keep’ Take on ‘Ballz’, Out Now

‘Charming Runes’ is the ‘Charming Keep’ Take on ‘Ballz’, Out Now

Ketchapp’s Ballz [Free] is the number one free game on the App Store, and for good reason: it’s a clever take on the brick breaker. But it’s a rather spartan visual experience. What if it was cute, instead? That’s what Mighty Games has delivered with Charming Runes [Free], their take on Ballz but with cute characters from Charming Keep [Free]. Charming Keep was called that because it was about Princes Charming, but also because it was the most sickeningly adorable idle game made yet. Charming Runes uses the same core concept as Ballz. That is, it’s a combination of Breakout and Puzzle Bobble, where you launch a ball from the bottom, and have it bounce around to break the bricks that descend with each turn, each block requiring a certain number of hits to be destroyed, with additional balls to be picked up to make each shot have more balls behind it.

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Charming Keep seems to add not just some visual flair, with a more colorful experience and a red witch throwing hammers, but also elements such as powerups to help give you a leg up. Oh, and they can be bought, as well. There’s also a lives system, which seems like an odd addition to a game where the clear original inspiration for this game didn’t have them. You can use the lives as continues as well, but I’d still like to see an unlimited lives IAP at the very least. Also, while it’s a matter of taste, the launching mechanism being where you point upward instead of pulling downward to aim as in Ballz doesn’t feel as good. But, again, that’s an issue for your personal taste. If you haven’t checked out Ballz and/or want a more…charming take on it, Charming Runes is a well-made take on a genre sure to see many, many imitators really soon. Kudos to Mighty Games for jumping on the bandwagon with a well-produced version so quickly.

Painfully Charming Puzzler ‘Old Man’s Journey’ Gets First Gameplay Trailer

Painfully Charming Puzzler ‘Old Man’s Journey’ Gets First Gameplay Trailer

During GDC 2016 just about a year ago, Austrian developer Broken Rules demoed their new game called Old Man’s Journey to me, and it absolutely blew my mind. It was a painfully charming adventure about guiding an old man through various environments as he reflected on his life, and you did this by sliding the various background elements around in order to create a path for the old man to journey on. It’s real tricky to explain. Unfortunately, the game was in too rough of shape to talk about publicly around GDC time, so I just kind of tucked the demo into my brain somewhere and hoped to be able to talk about the game at some point in the future. The following July, the developers officially announced the game with a brief teaser, which did a great job at showing off the charm of Old Man’s Journey but still didn’t quite explain exactly how the game worked. Well, I’m very excited that today Broken Rules have unveiled a brand new gameplay trailer for Old Man’s Journey and you can finally see how the actual game itself works without me fumbling to try and explain it. Enjoy!

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As you can (finally) see in this trailer, you’ll be manipulating the environment to create walkable paths for the old man, and one big change I’ve noticed since the last time I saw this game is how the edges of the moveable environmental pieces actually highlight to let you know you can move them. Previously the game didn’t have that function, and you’d just kind of poke around at stuff to see what moved, and I think what’s shown in this new trailer is a much more elegant solution to that. Additionally, as the developers describe, “By uncovering the old man?s story told through beautiful vignettes of his memories, players will experience his heartache, regret and hope, coupled with inquisitive, pressure-free, and engaging puzzle solving.” Broken Rules has also announced that Old Man’s Journey is being funded by Indie Fund, and that it’s been nominated for an IGF award for Excellence in Visual Arts. Old Man’s Journey is scheduled for release sometime in 2017, and we’ll definitely be talking more about this one in the coming months.

Out Now: ‘Corpse Party: Blood Drive’, ‘Tankout’, ‘Edo Superstar’, ‘Warlock’s Tower’, ‘Papery Planes’, ‘Felis: Save All the Cats!’, Missileman’, ‘Charming Keep’ and More

Out Now: ‘Corpse Party: Blood Drive’, ‘Tankout’, ‘Edo Superstar’, ‘Warlock’s Tower’, ‘Papery Planes’, ‘Felis: Save All the Cats!’, Missileman’, ‘Charming Keep’ and More

It’s another new week and that means another new batch of iOS games have arrived in the App Store. I’d say this isn’t a particularly busy week in terms of number of games, but there’s a better ratio of what I’d call high quality offerings than a typical week. Plus there’s a few things we’re still waiting on, such as The Frostrune which actually did launch very briefly but has since disappeared, but should be re-arriving sometime later tonight. Then there’s Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes which, if Super Mario Run is anything to go by, will arrive sometime late morning or early afternoon tomorrow. We’ll see! Also the very interesting looking Glitchskier should be coming most any time, but just hasn’t arrived in time for this post. So check out the full list of games below and let us know in the comments or in our Discord chat which games you’ll be picking up this week!


Book of Unwritten Tales 2

iTunes Description

Every world needs its heroes. However unlikely they may seem. Join Wilbur, Ivo, Nate and Critter in another adventure full of quirky characters and pop-culture references in the wicked world of Aventásia. Help them fulfill their destiny. A destiny as yet unwritten.

From KING Art, the creators of The Book of Unwritten Tales, The Critter Chronicles and The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief. Enjoy over 20 hours of funny dialogues, top-notch voice acting and weird puzzles!

Forum Thread: Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (By FISHLABS)

Brave Caravan

iTunes Description

Brave Caravan features pixel art characters dashing through an exhilarating Action RPG setting.

Enjoy flashy battles with simple 1 finger controls.

Now featruing events with new characters and limited-time dungeons!

Forum Thread: Brave Caravan (by BeeworksGames)

Charming Keep

iTunes Description

Build the greatest magic keep this side of Atlantis!
Bankroll happily-ever-afters one sale at a time!
Buy low, spell high!

Charming Princes tend to overestimate their abilities … smiles and jaw-lines only go so far! When they get in trouble, charming rescues are required and they cost a whole lot of money and magic. As the new CEO of Charming Keep Inc., that?s where you come in.

Forum Thread: Charming Keep – Collectable Tower Tapper (by Mighty Games)

Corpse Party: Blood Drive

iTunes Description

The Heavenly Host series finally complete…!!

The story follows from the last of “Corpse Party Book of Shadows”.
“Sachiko Ever After”, “Black Book [Book of Shadows]”,
all the mysteries become clear: welcome to the finale of closed school confinement horror adventure!

Forum Thread: Corpse Party: Blood Drive (by 5pb Inc)

Downgeon Quest

iTunes Description

Downgeon Quest now brings you the unique rogue-like experience! Dumholf needs your help to battle and craft his way through the depths of a dungeon, collecting recipes and artifacts to increase the power, and find new heroes to delve ever deeper underground!

Forum Thread: Downgeon Quest (by Cyberlodge Interactive Ltd.)

Edo Superstar

iTunes Description

Edo Superstar is an action-packed beat-em-up set in old Japan, featuring a colorful cast of anthropomorphic characters. Guide Masaru, an energetic monkey with lofty ambitions to be the most popular fighter in the land, as he battles his way to Edo City and competes in the prestigious Zodiac Tournament.

Along the way our hero sharpens his skill and avoids his former ninja clan who hunt him for forsaking their order in his pursuit of fame.

Forum Thread: Edo Superstar (by cleaversoft)

Exile: Castle Raid

iTunes Description

Fantasy RPG and Roguelike elements collide with innovative Slot Combat in this adventure game.

A young knight went into exile when he was possessed by a Demon.
The Demon wanted revenge on his brother and promised the knight freedom and power if the knight agrees to help him.
An exiled knight and a Demon with a vengeance. And so…
The story begins

Forum Thread: Exile: Castle Raid (by 9boot)

Felis: Save all the Cats!

iTunes Description

You are the cats’ only salvation. Free them from their traps and they will trust you and follow you.

You must take them to safety.

Not every cat will be easy to find. Make sure the whole team gets alive to the end. Amidst evil creatures determined to steal your beloved cats!

Forum Thread: Felis: Save all the cats! (by Jose Diaz)

Final Clash – 3D Fantasy MMORPG

iTunes Description

Join your friends in the most epic action RPG battle arena game on mobile! Collect tons of heroes and assemble the ultimate fighting team! Upgrade your chosen warriors and dominate the intense, fast-paced battles! With so many heroes to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Think fast, for the battle begins now!

Amazing 3D graphics and stunning combat effects!

Forum Thread: Final Clash – 3D FANTASY MMORPG (by Gaosi)

Flick the Bean

iTunes Description

With the election of Donald Trump the dark lord Cthulhu has awoken from his slumber and he demands sacrifice.

Protect the King Bean by offering the dark lord these offerings.

He is a fickle harborer of doom, be careful you do not offer him the wrong sacrifice otherwise prepare for tortuous punishment.

Forum Thread: Flick The Bean (by JabberWorx)

Kingdom Defenders: Age of Guardians

iTunes Description

Kingdom Defenders: Age of Guardians is a FREE to play Tower Defense Strategy Game. Download NOW and start enjoying today!

An evil darkness has invaded the Kingdom. Fight hordes of creeps and beasts from the underworld with strategically placed defense towers. Summon magical spells to unleash on your foe. Enlist powerful heroes to defeat the nightmare dwellers. For glory and honor, do you have what it takes to reign supreme?

Forum Thread: Kingdom Defenders: Age of Guardians (by MobiTek)

LittleSaw Nightmare

iTunes Description

LittleSaw Nightmare is a challenging 2D platformer with a little dash of puzzles.
Play as a little creature having a nightmare about a world filled with danger.
Run, wall slide, teleport and defy gravity through many different levels full of danger and obstacles!

Forum Thread: LittleSaw Nightmare (by Birk Aas) [+HD Version]


iTunes Description

Missileman is a high-speed vertical scrolling 2d shooter.
You are a man on a missile, shoot enemies down with missiles, earn exp and upgrade your missile. Can you beat all 16 levels? Dodge high-speed scrolling walls and aim carefully then shoot enemy one by one.

Earn points by level up, raise three different params by consuming the points and pick some from 24 skills in your own strategy. It has 4 world 16 levels generated procedurally. Each world has unique boss.

Forum Thread: Missileman (by Game or Die)

Papery Planes

iTunes Description

Papery Planes lets you experience the joy of flying your own precious paper plane through night & day, different seasons and environments.
Touch the screen left or right to guide your paper plane through a charming and atmospheric world – but don’t let yourself be tricked – there is no room for mistakes.

How far can you glide before you crumble to pieces ?

Forum Thread: Papery Planes (by Akos Makovics)

Piczle Lines DX

iTunes Description

The follow-up to the highly praised prequel Piczle Lines DX offers hours of addictive, mind-bending logic-puzzle fun! Create pictures (PICture puzZLE) by connecting the right dots. With an ever-expanding puzzle mode, as well as a gripping story mode Piczle Lines DX will keep you entertained for hours and hours!

Piczle Lines DX is absolutely free, with 60 puzzles for your enjoyment, an extra 20 if you can find the secret to unlocking them and a variety of paid-for and free puzzles bundles available in the in-game store for those who want more!

Forum Thread: Piczle Lines DX (by Score Studios)

Robots & Aliens

iTunes Description

Build Robots! Summon Aliens! Upgrade all the things!

Seemingly endless gameplay awaits as you amass greater and greater numbers of robots, aliens, multiple resources, buildings, mojo, and more.

Once you build up sufficient production, prestige and unlock mojo upgrades for unique, powerful, and permanent bonuses.

Forum Thread: Robots & Aliens (by Micah Mowery)

Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron

iTunes Description

Sling into an incredible underwater adventure to save the Coral Kingdom. Play 25 intoxicating levels and face off against Hermitron in this fun physics platformer.

Deep in the lowest depths of the ocean, an evil hermit crab known as Hermitron, along with his sidekick, Harold the Barnacle, are viciously taking over the underwater kingdom. Snailboy, the shell obsessed slugger, must help his new found sea friends restore the Guardian Shell Statue and reclaim their world as he slings into the next magical installment of Snailboy, Rise of Hermitron!

Forum Thread: Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron (by Thoopid)

Stay Stable

iTunes Description

? Stay Stable is an exciting block game with a simple yet special gameplay.
We really hope you enjoy it!

? Just drop blocks in line vertically and keep the blocks from falling in this no time limit addictive game.
? Easy to play, and pleasurable game for all ages.
? You can play for FREE!

Forum Thread: Stay Stable (by nWeave)

Swords and Sandals 2 Redux

iTunes Description

Swords and Sandals Gladiator,

Are you ready to unleash hell in the gladiatorial arena? The world’s favourite gladiator game has returned, bigger and more action packed then ever. Swords and Sandals 2: Emperor’s Reign returns, remastered with all new graphics, music and powerful new skills and Arena Champions.

Enter the Arena of Doomtrek and do battle with the best gladiators in the realm.

Forum Thread: Swords and Sandals 2 Redux (by eGames.com)


iTunes Description

TANKOUT your friends and enemies in this crazy online creative tank battle game! Collect coins to buy blocks to build your own battle arenas! This game is INSANE! Try building a map while dozens of other tanks are shooting at you. Welcome to CHALLENGEVILLE population: YOU! Build. Battle. BERSERK!

Forum Thread: TANKOUT (by Hassey Enterprises, Inc.)

Tappy Cat – Musical Kitty Arcade

iTunes Description

Cats are cute, but can they play music too?
Play the thumb and paw friendly tree guitar by tapping inside music bubbles before they fly away. Earn fish as you build up perfect streaks. Lure stray cats to appear by mastering their favorite songs and give them lots of fish. Can you find them all?

How to play?
Pop and/or hold inside each bubble before it leaves. Don’t tap outside the bubble or its game over!

Forum Thread: Tappy Cat – Musical Kitty Arcade (By InspirLabs)


iTunes Description

111% New game, Telloy!!!
Move your character by shooting arrows, and attack the enemy!
Epic archer adventure to get the ultimate bow!!
Collect all six elemental bows.
Enjoy your adventure!!!

climb the tower of infinity and fight endless enemies.
How long can you last on Infinite Mode?
Simple, but Addictive
Telloy by 111%

Forum Thread: Telloy (by 111%)

Warlock’s Tower

iTunes Description

In this GameBoy inspired puzzle game, every step you take steals one of your lives. Collect magic healing gems in the right order to make it to the end of a hundred stages in five different worlds. And more: find keys, avoid carefully placed traps and contraptions, dodge and trick evil monsters and split your brain in half with Tag Team stages. Reach unspeakable heights with Warlock’s Tower!

Forum Thread: Warlock’s Tower (by Midipixel)


iTunes Description

Wozle is a cool and insanely addictive game to tickle your brain.

Get hours of fun by playing this new brain challenging game, you will fall in love with it, moment you start playing. This game offers hours of fun that are free of any charge to keep you hooked for hours with awesome fun and frolic puzzle.

A simple yet cool game, Wozle with whales provides you a great way to relieve from all the stress with its hours of fun and brain tickling effect. The objective of this goal is to play against your friends or people from other countries and try to find as many words as you can to score the highest score. But, keep in mind that this objective is not easy, because you will have a limited number of letters to choose from and you will also have a limited time: 180 seconds only!

Forum Thread: Wozle (by Junior B.)

New Games on Our Forums: ‘Charming Keep’, ‘Downgeon Quest’, ‘Felis: Save All The Cats’, ‘Tankout’ and More

New Games on Our Forums: ‘Charming Keep’, ‘Downgeon Quest’, ‘Felis: Save All The Cats’, ‘Tankout’ and More

A few years ago Gizmodo decided that February 1st is Change Your Password Day, which of all the dumb holidays we highlight on Wednesdays is probably the best one so far. If you’re not using a password manager yet, I highly recommend 1Password [Free], but I’ve got a lot of friends who swear by KeePass. Whatever you use, just use something, and start using unique and complicated passwords for every site you visit- including this one. Once you’ve got that out of the way, there’s a ton of great games that have hit our forums this week!

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Here’s the full listing of games that have been posted to our forums so far:

  • Brave Caravan (by BeeworksGames)
  • Charming Keep – Collectable Tower Tapper (by Mighty Games)
  • Clickie Zoo (by Anthony Tirone)
  • Corpse Party: Blood Drive (by 5pb Inc)
  • Downgeon Quest (by Cyberlodge Interactive Ltd.)
  • Edo Superstar (by cleaversoft)
  • Felis: Save all the cats! (by Jose Diaz)
  • Final Clash – 3D FANTASY MMORPG (by Gaosi)
  • Flick The Bean (by JabberWorx)
  • Idle Power (by GamesButler)
  • Jump There !! (by Jan Hagelskamp)
  • Kingdom Defenders: Age of Guardians (by MobiTek)
  • LittleSaw Nightmare (by Birk Aas) [+HD Version]
  • Missileman (by Game or Die)
  • Oil Inc (by Rapid Turtle Games)
  • Papery Planes (by Akos Makovics)
  • Piczle Lines DX (by Score Studios)
  • Rolling Mister (by BraboLabs Entertainment), The
  • Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron (by Thoopid)
  • Stay Stable (by nWeave)
  • Struckd – Game Creator (by Struckd)
  • TANKOUT (by Hassey Enterprises, Inc.)
  • Telloy (by 111%)
  • Wozle (by Junior B.)

We’ll have a full listing later this evening, so stay tuned for that!

The Charming ‘Hidden Folks’ Is Looking for Playtesters and Translators

The Charming ‘Hidden Folks’ Is Looking for Playtesters and Translators

Hidden Folks is a very charming upcoming game that we’ve been keeping an eye on here at TouchArcade towers. Carter got a chance to see it up close and came away quite impressed, so that’s a good sign. Hidden Folks is a Where’s Waldo type of game, but the fun part is you have to mess around with the environment in order to find the different characters. As you can see from the trailer below, Hidden Folks looks like it will be great fun to play, especially on a larger screen (it is coming to the Apple TV, too).

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The developers are currently searching for playtesters in our forums, but they want those testers to record their screen and voice while playing. In addition, they are looking for people to help them localize the game for different countries. So, if you’re interested in something like that, go to our Upcoming Games forum thread to either playtest or translate this very charming game.

Charming Puzzle Adventure Game ‘Eternal Maze’ Is Inspired by Crop Circles

Charming Puzzle Adventure Game ‘Eternal Maze’ Is Inspired by Crop Circles

The upcoming puzzle adventure game Eternal Maze has an interesting premise that is appropriate for Halloween time. In this game, you play as a farmer struggling to escape near-endless mazes created by Aliens. Those mazes, though, aren’t serene and do include all kinds of obstacles and creatures (like ferocious dogs). In order to make it through the mazes in one piece, you’ll be using various abilities and items, and if you are the daring kind, you can attempt to find the buried treasures for bonus points and to get those coveted achievements.

Eternal Maze

Eternal Maze will have 3 main chapters (though only one available at launch) each with its own theme. The art is quite charming, although I don’t know how charmed I’m going to be when I’m being devoured by ravenous dogs. The developers are looking for testers in our forums, so go sign up if you like how Eternal Maze looks like.